Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day Sales

Usually I head to Geelong for the sales, but today I stayed close to home and headed to Warrnambool. Although only about 50 percent of shops were open. Never one to let that daunt me, I have now got all my paper and tags and cards for next Christmas 50% off !!

I did say my Christmas book was of Christmas past, present and future. Well here's a blast from the past, whoever would have thought these two innocents would meet and marry. Me with the really bad fringe cut and Mike in his oh so short shorts! ha.



Credits here.


Calico said...

What a great idea for a layout! You two look lovely as ever and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

esther_a said...

I love the idea of the before and after. You've come up with some great Christmas topics to scrap.
I'm not sure about Geelong, but my home town only had half the shops open today, too. Some opened at 11. By midday, Myer was complete bedlam (should have taken my camera - it would have given me something to whilst standing in the queue for the register - ha!)

Victoria said...

Are Australian Santas more approachable? It seems all our Christmas past photos have screaming, traumatized children on Santa's knee. Beautiful pages!