Thursday, December 10, 2009

If it doesn't rain ... it pours

If I didn't think I was in deep with enough hurt/heartache with family, we get a phone call yesterday that step son number 1 had been involved in a motor cycle accident and had been rushed to hospital by ambulance. I'm just raising my eyes to the sky at the moment and wondering what is next.

He is okay, well in a "morphine induced okay" I guess you would say. Mike has been with him all day today, he's over the other side of Melbourne which is distressing enough as we want to be near him.

Long story short, a car pulled out unexpectedly from a park, didn't see him coming along the road, he has seen her and slowed trying to take evasive action, and she still not seeing him crossed his path and he's gone into the back panel of her car and thrown off his bike. Dislocated wrist, badly broken arm requiring surgery for titanium plates.

And to add insult to the injury, and this is the state of our hospital system everyone, he is in a two bed ward, sharing with a 70 year old woman suffering from dementia. Mr. W is only 19.

W...T...F ????

I think a Lucky photo is in order, it will help make anything feel better, don't you think? He's such a little scamp, I look at this fellow right now who is curled out about a metre away from me, on Molly's cushion mind you, but she's lying next to him on the floor letting him. He's brought such joy into our lives, we've had him just shy of a year now and I can't imagine life without him, funny little boy that he is.

Using creashens new kit, Three Little Birds, available at the moment at After Five Designs, but coming soon to twolittlepixels and Catscrap.


And by the way, thank you for the good thoughts about my mum and I. We'll get there. I hope.


Chocolate Cat said...

Yes that little face would soothe an aching heart, he is so cute!! So glad SS1 wasn't hurt any worse.Hope he is on the mend quickly.

Lisa Beth said...

Holding you all in prayer! {{hugs for you}} And sending positive thoughts for W and his dad. {{{{more hugs}}}}