Monday, March 2, 2009

World War 3

It was WW 3 here this morning. Mike had just come home with Lucky from his 6am walk. I didn't realise Bo (our kitty) was sitting on the chair pushed under the kitchen table. Lucky spied her and decided he wanted to jump up and play. I heard hissing and a bit of swatting (no claws) from Bo and a few grrrrrs from Lucky. Bo jumped off the chair, Lucky took chase, there was a big skid on the kitchen floor, Lucky grabbed Bo's tail, Molly decided she better start running round and barking too with all the commotion, Bo took off down the passageway with Lucky and Molly close on her heels, took a flying jump over the baby gate and out the cat flap of the laundry door.

Big grrrrs and big "NO's" from Mike and I and Lucky and Molly were banished to the back yard and not allowed inside all day. Bo has come back during the day, a bit wary. I can hear her tinkling in the laundry now with her bell on, so Lucky is at the moment on his training leash. We're going to try to correct the behaviour with this.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO DO! Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

Yes I know he is a Jack, yes I know he's just shy of 1 year old and very excitable. But Bo doesn't care a fig about being in the room with Molly, maybe because she's old and slow. And I know Lucky just wants to play and he sees a little creature his own size to play with. But I'm becoming desperate.

Please someone post and let me know that it will get better. Lie to me if need be! LOL

I'm up to date with my Project 365 pages. Here's the latest double page edition. (Excuse the entrance to our town sign, I don't really live in Bedrock! Just thought I'd change that, being that I'm in a small enough town, probably don't want to plaster my location across the net).



Credits here.

Now on other matters, Victorian people please stay safe tomorrow. The fires from Black Saturday are still raging across the state and tomorrow is forecast to be a horrible windy hot day. They've closed all schools in our town and general vicinity, that's scary enough to think that those measures are being taken. Not to mention the police warning we all got on our mobile phones today. Stay safe.


esther_a said...

It's nothing short of spooky! How things are changing; SMS messages!! My school is open but lots of kids won't be able to make it because the country buses are not running!
You stay safe, too!

Lynne said...

So, are you Betty Rubble then? LOL

Beautiful pages, something to look back on and treasure. Almost makes me wish I'd joined in the fun myself!

Don't think I'd stop and say hello to cows; they're way too big and have sharp horns!


It's amazing the measures being taken in Victoria this summer. I hope we never have to see the like again.

Bells said...

How cool that Mike got a note back from the author! Don't you just love the internet?

Clearly you do, your pages show that!

Margaret said...

I have sent you a recipe from WW2 that you can use to soothe your nerves while WW3 wared around you - Go to it .

Polly said...

Oh no..the joys of children - even of the pet kind!

Your pages are as always simply breathtaking Carol and look how wonderful you look too. You are one hot lady!!

Amandac said...

I wish I could give you some wise words but instead I can only say that things will get better as time goes by, it really does. As always hun your pages are inspiring and I think I shall have to do a self portrait like you have done as it looks very cool! And after all we are usually spending most of our day with the camera plastered to our faces bwhahahaha. Bo looks totally adorable in his photo.

gwen said...

I hope all went well and the wind got away.
I am enjoying your weekly pages, I know I would not have the patience to keep such a long project but I can imagine what you will feel like in a far away future reading everything again.
I am sorry, no advice for the pets, I only have one son!
Take care.

Chocolate Cat said...

I can sympathise with your furry friends problems but I have no clue!!! When you find out all the secrets please pass them on to me. Just when we think we are getting somewhere it all goes pear shaped again. Jimmys latest is spending as much as the night as he is allowed (not much!) chasing shadows outside!!!!

Victoria said...

The commotion will settle down in a few years, so that is good, isn't it?

Your 365 pages look amazing. I think I might jump on the band wagon when I can get all the school photos for the yearbook off my hard drive, but right now I'm headed to a completely full hard drive.

I hope and pray the fires will cease!

Lisa Beth said...

If you were asking about WW3 between teenaged sisters I could help, but not Bo and Lucky! I'm sure with the classes it will ease up.

Love the pages and your self portrait!