Sunday, March 8, 2009

Got to love a long weekend

All hail Labour Day Monday! And on Monday I plan on doing NO labouring whatsoever.

And now this is ridiculous. We've gone from stinking hot days to cold, literally overnight. We actually had the fireplace going the other night and I'm thinking right about now I'm about to start it again today. Although that sounds mighty fine though doesn't it? The fireplace going, the house toasty warm, the husband gone detecting for the day, the knitting and sewing and scrapping at the ready. Perhaps a girly DVD. Fabulous!

Sometimes I pinch myself at how lucky I am to be part of the twolittlepixels creative team. I love Sharon's goodies, they had me at hello! ha. And with Shen into the mix now I get to play with all the beautiful creashens designs. And I can tell you this template was a lot of fun to play with. If you don't get anything else all year, make sure you have this one marked to get. You not only get the layered file to add your own mix to the page, but quick pages too if you want to throw the photos on quick, and a file with lots of bits and bobs to play with. I've used a lot more other creashens elements in my page from her other kits too, but Shen has given you stitches and screws and sticky tape and dates to help you on your way. It's truly a magnificent package.


Credits here.

And if you click on the product below it will take you straight to the shop.

Now, I have a fireplace to start, some sewing to continue, a bit of scrapping, a lot of knitting. Sounds like an exhausting day huh? haha


esther_a said...

Yeah, yeah. Rub it in!! You KNOW how much I'm hankering to get that template!! lol! Love what you've done with your furr-babies!

Lynne said...

Knitting? You're going to knit? LOL

Look forward to seeing it! Don't forget to take a photo for Project 365. ;-)

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I love your 'menagerie' page!!!