Thursday, March 12, 2009

Icky day today

In more ways than one. Icky weather - there was fire and brimstone! It came over so incredibly dark this afternoon like it was night time, the rain pummelled the building, the roof leaked, a huge heavy security door fell off it's hinges, strange happenings at work, by the time I went home it was warm and steamy again, there was a rainbow on the way home and then closer to home it was dark and lightening, Molly was beside herself with fear she hates storms, she's been by my side ever since I got home. We have had it all. Icky weather, icky work.

I have a tough work fortnight ahead of me, I figure it's not even Friday the 13th yet! Got to look on the bright side huh? Today wasn't too bad. It can only get worse from here right. Urrrrgh.

I just got a text message on my mobile 5 minutes ago, one of my old workmates who's father has been poorly has died tonight. See it did get worse. This has been the day from hell.

Let's hope that tomorrow dawns a bit brighter.

Thought before I go to bed I wanted to finish this page I started on a few days ago. I did mention that perhaps that defuzzed picture of Mike I took might need it's own scrapbook page. I had a bit of inspiration from JB himself. This is what I came up with. Mike of course took one look at it and asked "where are the sexy girls". Hmmmph.


Credits here.

And this was my inspiration:


Good night one and all. I'm off to snuggle with James ... err ... Mike. ha


Chocolate Cat said...

Maybe with it being Friday 13th today you shouldn't test your luck and should stay home!! I had an icky day at work wednesday (which is very rare for my workplace)and lo and behold it wasn't much better yesterday, add to it the weird and wonderful weather and I have a cold!! and I'm hearing you!!!! Roll on weekend!
I love that page!!

Jodie said...

Carol I LOVE that layout!!!

Amandac said...

Oh I'm so sorry you had a yucky day :( - maybe chocolate cat is right and you should have a quiet one on the 13th! AND doesn't Mike look dashing with his naked face! Very BOND! That page is totally fantastic - I love it. And tell Mike the only sexy girl he needs on there is you!

Lynne said...

Lovely layout; handsome guy!

Hope the weekend is better for you than Thursday was.

I'm having a KAL - want to join in? You do knit, don't you? LOL [just joking; trying to make you smile]

Margaret said...

Rainy days make for green grass and time to be our selves, put your feet up and take a rest over the weekend. Mike is getting younger everyday, soon you will have a toy boy.

Lisa Beth said...

Well done on the layout Carol! Which do you prefer, beard or not?