Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My brave moment

Remember back when the festival was on and Mike shouted me the joy flight on the helicopter? I did end up making a page out of it, so you've already seen the pictures but just not set out like this.

Fun huh? I think the pilot didn't know what the heck I was doing when I turned the camera back on myself for a self-portrait. hahahaha We really must warn people that we're scrapbookers and need photos of every possible thing that happens!


Credits here.

I am travelling to Geelong tomorrow morning to go to a funeral. A dear workmate from when I worked down there lost her father last weekend so it will be a rather big draining day considering there'll be a 4 hour round trip, but one thing I've discovered in the number of funerals we attended in the last however long, is you may think you are alone in your grief but the minute you look up and see dear friends there behind you, next to you, alongside you, it makes it a little easier to bear.

And with that I'm off to bed. Last night I went to sleep and woke up thinking it was nearly time to get up and it was only 12.30 AM !!! Imagine my joy when I realised I still had 6 hours sleep left.



Lynne said...

Now that is an uncommon kind of joy!

Lovely layout - very imaginative!

Have a safe trip.

Amandac said...

Fantastic Carol! The large photo makes the page perfect and of course the self portrait!! Love it !!

Victoria said...

I love the soft fade on the layout and the fantastic self-portrait!

I hope your trip is safe and I'm sure your presence will bring a measure of solace for your friend.