Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a mad house!

This morning was a rush like no other. Mike (despite his sore throat) has decided to go bush today. It's a good day for it, quite warm. I can't make head nor tail out of this weather, we actually had the fire going two nights ago! So he said he was getting a bit of cabin fever and wanted to go make a withdrawal from the gold bank! hahaha Love how he says that. So off he went early.

I went back to sleep for a little bit and then got up. I didn't have to be off to make the trek to the dog obedience class till about 10.15 so I had heaps of time. Had brecky, had a little play on the computer. Loads of time. Thought I best do the dishes and as I looked around to the microwave to see the time it was 7 minutes past flipping 10 !!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh, my very thoughtful computer had decided to change automatically and come off day light saving a week early! Here I was thinking it had just gone 9! So flying around getting the collar, the chain, the water, the treats, the bowl, the poop bags, the car harness,oh and not to forget Lucky. Anyone think this is like getting a baby ready to go out all the paraphenalia we need? I drove like the wind and made it in the nick of time.

Third class of Grade 2 finished, one more to go. He's going well but it was warm out there today and he was distracted very easily about half hour into the class. He just wanted to sniff and play. Smelling the butts of other dogs really holds a lot of appeal for this little guy! haha He's obviously had a busy morning because right now he's conked it out on his bed.

Yesterday I went for a little trip round the town taking photographs with "Harry". Thanks for the suggestions all, but my new camera's name is Harry. I am very much like my darling grandfather Harry, I never go anywhere without the camera, and neither did he, it was a permanent fixture round his neck. So I think Harry will be my camera's name, sharing the love I have of photography with my grandpa.

Now Jodie warned me it would take a little bit to get used to and I wholeheartily agree, but out of the cough cough ... 150-odd photos I took I managed to snap some that I think were pretty special and I'm thrilled with them. Let's take a wander around my town ...

A trip to the local Apex Rose Garden. Isn't this an exquisite colour rosebud.


Close but not too close to the bee!


Our local park.


Another at the park.


I quite like this, just a fence along one of the farms.


And these last two from our own backyard!


And the obligatory Molly and Lucky photo!! te he


Hope you enjoyed! I certainly enjoyed taking them. :-)


Cheryl said...

OMG Carol this is your first time out with Harry and look what you come up with!!!! Seriously NOT fair!

first up that rose is beautiful, amazing depth of field! and with the rose in focus...

the bee... well what can I say... I want to get one like that again... they don't come along very often!

your fence line... well lets say I could beat you with my bus ticket for getting that!!! stunning leading lines! brilliant focus... the only thing its missing is big puffy clouds... but hey you can't ask for much better than this!

and your gorgeous pooches... missing the last bit of Molly's paw but thats the only thing I would try for next time... stunning composition...

you and Harry certainly do have a raport even first time out! Seriously I will never show anyone my firsts with my big girls camera... they are scarey!

Rose Red said...

Oh Carol these photos are fantastic!!! I don't know anything technically about photography but these are gorgeous - and so much detail - look at the bee's wing - OMG!!! And I love the fence photo too - fantastic.

ksharonk said...

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS photos, Carol ... congratulations on Harry moving in! ;)

Bells said...

You are making me want a Harry of my own. I held up the lap top and Sean was as amazed as I was. Beautiful.

Jodie said...

Oh WOW WOW WOW !!!! Stunning Carol, just stunning.

The Josephs Family said...

Wow Carol! Harry does a wonderful job! Those colors are so radiant! Have fun with him!

esther_a said...

Love your pics, Carol! The town lake looks soooo beautiful! Things are still quite dry up here. I'm envious!!

mom2ashley said...

nice pictures you got there Carol, and congrats on Harry!

Lynne said...

Lovely photos - I really like the one of the fence! So Aussie!

But where are the photos of the knitting? You know close ups? Artistic shots? Colour? Needles? Stitches? Yarn? [just kidding]

Amandac said...

Wow Carol these are fabulous shots hun! I can see that you and Harry are doing a wonderful job together! I can't pick a favorite - I really can't, they are all just wonderful! But I do love the lines of your fence shot - fab!!FAB!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Well, the camera may have been a long and sorry saga but boy, are those photos ever worth the effort!! well done carol, you have done beautifully!! Tracey

Calico said...

Wow Carol!!!! Those are fantastic!! I love the one of the fence and of course the pups is just fabulous! It's hard to capture them both at the same time, I'm sure. Can't wait to see more photos!