Friday, March 27, 2009

My favourite time of the week

Friday nights. I love Friday nights. The work week is over and the weekend is yet to begin. I love them with a passion.

Tonight = Chinese for dinner, combination black bean. Perfect.

A bit of scrapping. Perfect.

A bit of knitting, yes Lynn, there will be knitting! Perfect.

And a three day weekend ahead of me. After a horrid two weeks at work I decided to book an RDO for Monday with all the hours I'd built up. Perfect.

I do believe the kettle has boiled and a pot of tea is about to be made. So before I go I will post this page of my best friend's son. How lucky to have another horde of photos to scrap with. His dad takes the best photos!!


Credits here.

Enjoy the weekend all. Me and my new best friend will be travelling around the area taking some photographs. I really need to give my camera a name don't I? I mean, we will be having quite the relationship together. Shall report back!


Amandac said...

Can't wait to see your gorgeous new photos Carol! That is a great page I love the gorgeous red white and blue colour scheme - have a fun Friday night!!! I'll be scrapping too hehehe

The Josephs Family said...

Betsy... I think Betsy is a wonderful name for a camera!! Try it out this weekend and see if it fits! :) Have a great weekend!

~ Nicole

Victoria said...

That is a gorgeous photo! I love the sailboat in the corner.
The chinese food makes me want to go get some takeout.

I hope you have a productive and fun weekend!

Margaret said...

You have had a good start to the weekend with your team winning. So enjoy your shutterbug weekend.

Lynne said...

Knitting? There'll be knitting? Where? When? You'll be too busy with your new best friend to knit!! LOL