Saturday, February 28, 2009


Got to love being a woman, we're just the best at multi-tasking! I've been scrapbooking and talking to mum on the phone at the same time. Love the headphones that come with our phone. I often hook it up, pop the phone in my pocket and go about my business chatting to mum, doing the dishes, the ironing, feeding the dogs, whatever!

We're going out for dinner tonight to some friends. It will be lovely, particularly as they have a little toddler! You know friends have a different life with kids when a dinner party starts at 5.30pm !

Found a pair of my slippers chewed up in the front yard as I went to work the other day. Ack! Not sure who was the culprit or if they were partners in crime. But I have seen a few pair of my shoes disappear out the back door which I've rescued just in time. Not so my slippers this time. I need eyes in the back of my head. Sharon did warn me he looked like a little thief! ha.


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Margaret said...

Nah not a thief's face , just a mischievous one. Did he look sad and then happy when you told him you shouldn't have left them where he could get them ????

Lynne said...

Cute! The face of innocence!! LOL

Amandac said...

I love this page ROFL he little face is just too adorable for words. Are you ok with the renewed fire warning for tonight and tomorrow?? Stay safe!

Victoria said...

I read this out loud for Michael and he giggled for quite a bit. You are a fantastic writer!