Monday, March 16, 2009

Another page finished

I'm still keeping up with the Project 365, I can't believe it, I've done a page every week and almost a photo every day. Okay so some days I take two. But I'm just trying to represent the week and hopefully improve a bit on the photographic skills.



Credits here.

Mike has been off to dancing lessons tonight with number 2 daughter. She's doing her deb on Saturday night. I'm sooooooo looking forward to it. This is the funky eclectic non-conformist completely and utterly original daughter. I can't even imagine how beautiful she'll look, she's gorgeous at her one-of-a-kind best, but to see her wearing all white and make up and high heels, I can't wait. Camera will be at the ready. I do believe there may be even a whole 365 page devoted to her, because this is a very big night in her life. So anyway the dancing lessons are for the father-daughter dance. Mike said it's to a tune called "The Huckleberry" so it sounds interesting.

Thinking of this made me reminisce of number 1 step-son's deb a few years ago. That night I'll always always always remember. When it came time to do the mother-son dance, he collected his mum and off they went for the dance around the floor. While the dance was still going he escorted her back to the table and held his hand out to me to finish it with him. I was gobsmacked and utterly thrilled. Even his dad didn't know he was planning to do that. What great kids they all are.

Twas Underbelly night tonight and Mike got home in time to watch it with me. I do enjoy my Monday night's TV viewing. But now it's time for bed, so g'night!


Lynne said...

It's amazing how an ordinary week can seem special when photographed, scrapped and journalled, isn't it?

Well done [even without any evidence of knitting!! LOL]

Polly said...

Oh Carol you are so wonderfully with your project 365.
I love Monday night telly too!

Chocolate Cat said...

Once again great pages for project 365! So glad you are keeping up with it because I enjoy seeing them and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!! Looking forward to seeing photos of the Deb.

Success Coach - Kristi said...

Hi Carol!
I'm so pleased to have found you again! (Through Amanda's blog!) I've missed my "pink" sisters! I really enjoyed reading your blog and getting caught up! Can't wait to see the deb pics!!!!! I won't lose you again!

Amandac said...

You know I'm feeling very emotional now after your story about No 1 step-son deb - what a beautiful young man he must be to include you in that special moment - sniff!