Tuesday, March 24, 2009

False start

Oooooh false start with my camera, we had such a busy weekend that I didn't get a great chance to go off and take pictures, so settled with being the paparazzi around the house. I still haven't worked out how to get the pictures onto the computer, but that will come. I did however work out how to view them on the TV screen but they were mostly all blurry. Wahhh!!! Then I realized I had taken a whole weekend's worth of photos on manual focus instead of automatic focus. I'm a long way from manual, let me tell you. So now I'm on the right track.

Thank you for the excitement over my purchase. You know I went to the store fully going to buy a Canon, it's all I've talked about for the last 12 months, but came out with the Sony. Who knows, I might have made a huge mistake, but I'm working with it, I'm happy, I don't feel like I'm going to drop this, fumble fingers that I am. This weekend I'll get out and about and let this beauty fly! (not literally, oh God no! don't let me drop this camera too!!!)

Step-daughter No. 2 had her deb ball last Saturday, oh my gosh she looked a dream. She enjoyed herself immensely, all the serious girls and boys counting their steps dancing, looking very awkward, not Miss B. She danced and laughed and completely enjoyed herself with her partner. Mike had never been so proud doing the father/daughter dance.

What can I say, all the debutantes were up on the stage looking all very demure while the masses of families were taking photographs and I got the thumbs up. This is so perfectly Miss B! Oh the blurry photo was because the lighting was atrocious and I had my old camera because I didn't want to come away with no decent ones seeings I'm not used to my new camera yet.


Off to bed with me. Mike is "dying" at the moment because he has a sore throat. ~~rolls eyes~~ Yes, women keep going, sick, cooking, cleaning, keeping the house running, but the world stops for the male species, right?


Margaret said...

Hi Carol, It really is a big day and night for the Debutante Ball, Miss B certainly looks happy.

Kim said...

Such a cutie, Miss B is! I bet much fun was had at the Ball. A fun photo and poor DH...I hear you on that male species thing, lol. They just burrow in like bears until it's over. As for me, I whine my way through the entire performance.

Lisa Beth said...

She's lovely! :-)

Poor Mike and poor you for having to be nurse. :-( Sounds like you are very happy with the new camera and figuring out how it all works. Yay for you!

Amandac said...

Miss B looks gorgeous! I hope she had a wonderful night! poor Mike I hope he gets over it soon - for your sake rofl!

Lynne said...

Dd was like that her weedding - all relaxed, laughing and smiles! No stress at all - which is amazing becasue she usually stresses about lots of things!

Glad DSD had a wonderful time - it will be a great memory to look back on!

All I really remember about mine [30+ years ago] is that the zip in my dress split and I had to go to WM's place and be sewn into the dress and was late arriving and my sister [who had gomne separately] was panicking and I was in trouble ... then the photographer ran out of film just as I was being presented!! Wow! What a night!