Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday blues

What a day, more torrential rain. Although there are smiles on people's faces, their water tanks are full to overflowing! But it's been cold, wet, muddy, my little white Lucky turned a shade of grey that was quite indescribable. Molly however was content to just lie by the couch inside.

Right now it's still cold and raining outside, I have the fireplace going, crazy weather that it is after all those sweltering days recently, Mike won a triton work bench on ebay so decided to drive 2 hours to go pick it up straight away, so I'm waiting for him to come home now. Lucky has been bathed and is now snoozing on his big pillow in the warm room, Molly is asleep and Bo is eating, I can hear her little bell tinkling. All will be right with the world once Mike comes home.

Lynne of Too Hot to Knit let me know she was having a winter knitalong and in case I still remembered how to knit I might like to join in the fun! ha! It's the 'Winter of Textured Knitting KAL'. Now textured knitting, ribs, cables, bobbles and the like, is what I call slow knitting, at least for me, so it will be interesting. Maybe the current pair of socks I'm knitting that I've seemingly been knitting forever might fit into the category. We'll see. I've got to finish them yet, LOL.

LieN of twolittlepixels has a fabulous grab bag out at the moment, her very first one, and she's outdone herself. Lots of beautiful things to play with. I'm not going to spoil it for you to tell you what's in it, except that you won't be disappointed. I made this with the grab bag. My best friend's beautiful children.


And with that, Mike must be almost home. So I'm off to do another few rows of the sock! See Lynne, I am knitting. Truly.


Bells said...

The idea of your part of the country having torrential rain is both welcome and weird, I imagine. A bit late, really.

Yay for cables and stuff!

Victoria said...

We've had pendulummy (not a real word, but I like it)weather here too. It was in the 80s Farenheit on Thursday, then Friday it was in the 50s and windy/cold. It is damp outside now with rain expected. I think the roaming cats, owned by the neighbors, are their natural color, so no big patches of mud to change them around here, yet.

I love the layout of the children. "Wow" in the dictionary should have an addendum that states: "See Carol's layouts".

Amandac said...

As always Carol a stunning page - I just love your clean crisp style! I hate to ask but could you send some of your rain down here please? Cyclone Hamish blow himself out before he got here so no joy on the rain department - just a bit of wind on the coast - sigh! Have fun knitting hun!!!!

Lynne said...

Gorgeous layout - as usual!

Can't wait to see the knitting! LOL

PS Hope Mike got home safely.