Sunday, May 25, 2008

Huge weekend

And I'm absolutely nearly falling asleep in the chair so this will be a quickie.

Saturday saw a lovely day dawn and I'm so happy about that too, as my dear 72 year old neighbour, Betty, got married. She's a tough ol' bird, that's for sure, she's seen a lot of changes throughout her life, but when circumstances lead her to being alone a few years ago, along came Jack, who has just brought her to life. They have so much fun, dancing, sing-a-longs, long drives, caravan trips. It's so lovely to see, and Saturday they got married.

I was her witness and no prouder moment was to stand alongside her in front of the minister. Who incidentally did not change his service at all, and spoke about them having children. HUH? What was with that. It did bring quite a giggle amongst everyone.

Then today, Sunday, we had a fun family BBQ for my FIL's 70th birthday, which incidentally coincided by a day with Tabby's 17th birthday. Lots of cake all round. Such a great day, lots of laughs, lots of photographs which will no doubtedly be scrapbooked in the coming months. And so glad my mum came along too.

Today marks 5 months since dad passed away, can you even believe that? Mum was a bit weepy this morning when we picked her up but my beautiful beautiful step-daughters made it their mission to bring her right out of it, and that they did. She really enjoyed the day and ended up back home late this afternoon tired, happy, sated with good food, good conversation and a feeling of really belonging with my extended family.

It was a good day.

I did a bit of scrapping on Friday and was really pleased with the result. Sharon has these absolutely gorgeous papers out at the moment called Rebecca's Art. And I set about to use it and love the result. The fact his is one of my favourite pics of my step-daughter also sets the mood for a page I love.


Credits here.

Here's a pic of the beautiful papers up close, available of course from twolittlepixels. And the freebie is still available for a limited time from Artistic Musings. Click on the previews to whisk you away to these sites.


Chocolate Cat said...

What a lovely weekend you had. The wedding sounded lovely, how wonderful that she can find happiness in the later years of her life. Glad your Mum came home happier, was nice that she was able to spend the day with you all. Now I have to know - did your F-I-L like his present?????

Amandac said...

And a great time was had by all! Sounds like it was a great weekend Carol and I'm so glad your Mum had a good time. I hope that you are holding up OK and that you took some time out for yourself as well, it is a sad time for you too {hug}. Oh yes did your FIL love the photo???

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Where's the pics?????
Were you in a bridie outfit? Love that the minister gave his standard service!!!
I was just emailing you when I got your comment, thanks, pleased you like the gumbies-and SATC!!!
lo Tracey

Victoria May Sharpe said...

Good lord - children??!?!? This made me snort. (Not that I would snort, I'm very lady like!) I'm delighted to hear the wedding went swimmingly, I hope you took some pics to share. I'm sure you will scrap them into something magnificent.

Glad you had a lovely time with your Mum.

Victoria xx

Victoria said...

How wonderful to be in love, at any age! The minister sounded like he went on auto-pilot for a bit! :D

A weekend of cake, family and fun...good stuff!

The layout's deep colors match her mood perfectly!

BTW, my nephew had a great idea for an interactive video game and your hubby came to my mind. What do you think of "Bagpipe Hero" based on the same idea as "Guitar Hero"? I was laughing so hard! How cool would folks be for trying to play along with their virtual piper!

gwen said...

I hope your FIL liked the restored picture. It looked so good. A very great job you did there.
The neighbour´s wedding sounds like lots of fun. Take care.

Belanna said...

Just popping in to catch up and gosh you're such a busy bee, I don't know where you find the energy! Love your layout - and the frayed fabric combined with the art paper is so cool. Hugz!

Ps - can I send you all my photos for restoration...pretty please???