Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ark building 101

I think I have taken a course in this over the weekend, it hasn't stopped raining. Which is good, everything is really green. I just can't understand why the state doesn't build a big reservoir here. We'd easily be able to service the whole of Victoria I reckon. We're in the middle of a rain belt and when it starts it's like someone has turned the tap on.

Friday night we went to see step-daughter No.2 in her school play "Wind in the Willows". I have no idea how true to the story they kept it having never read it, only just knowing it was about Toad and Rat and Mole and the creatures from the woods. B played a used car salesperson and auntie. Dual roles, very impressive!!!! The kids really amazed me, they had no fear, they'd been rehearsing for four months and it showed. They said their lines impeccably, they had stage presence, it was a really wonderful night.

The CT had a bit of talk recently about garden gnomes so I cheekily grabbed a couple of pics I had here from the kids when they were growing up, long before I knew them (thanks to my father-in-law who gave me a CD with them in it). My FIL has a garden gnome, his name is Rudi, all the kids have had pics taken with him, and even now they look at him thinking that Rudi once was bigger than them.

I've used the latest [ksharonkdesigns] freebie which you can still nab here - pe juicy bonus. Don't take too long or the freebie will be gone. It really is a lovely juicy red!!


Credits here.

Plans for this evening - left over roast lamb with mashed potatoes and veg, mmmmmm. Knitting by the fire which is pumping cause it's cold tonight. And I'm thinking watching the repeat of Project Runway seeings I missed the new episode last week. Sounds like a superb night to me.

Enjoy your week.


Victoria said...

Rudi looks like a fun photo tradition! Cute layout of the kids.

Congratulations to your stepdaughter on a fabulous performance! :)

Simply Vixen said...

hey carol, luv your red LO, just wondering if Rudi hangs out with that gnome from Travelocity? lol

surf over to ScrapOrchard for the vintage freebie from Sine (and look for her kit from last week too)

hugs, vix :o-)

Amandac said...

Love your pages Carol! Classy even with gnomes LOL!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hmmm, same here as welll!!! Smack me for letting life get in the way of a visit, the book looks great, as do all the photos as usual!!!
Wind in the willows sounds good, lol tracey

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the layout of Rudi and the kids and that gorgeous red! Weather has not improved much, still drizzling, I know we need the rain but......

Trish said...

I look forward to having more time to browse through your blog-love the work I've seen so far!