Sunday, March 30, 2008

I just got caught unawares

I could hear Mike feeding Molly and Bo and said he was feeding them a bit early didn't he think? And he looked at me blankly because it was normal time. I looked at my computer time seeings I was playing here and my computer had reverted back to normal time from day light savings, even though we haven't changed back as yet until next week. I was thinking it was still 5pm and it was actually 6pm. Any other Aussies confused? I was thinking I still had an hour up my sleeve to play, I haven't even started dinner!

I have been playing with Sharon's seriously fun flowers and foliage and popped them on an engagement double page for our family album. We're so lucky to have these photos, and yes, this is how my dad actually proposed to my mum, ROFL. Some men just don't get the romance do they? ha. For the web view I've taken some detail out, but I was able to scan the original newspaper announcement also. I love how the two pages have come up. Hope you enjoy. Gotta love the glasses!!



Credits here.

And I urge digi scrappers to check out the Garden Delights 2 for the flowers and foliage. The leaves are the best I've used!

Now ... off to go put dinner on.


esther_a said...

This is a fabulous LO (I left a comment at DD), but it's the date that has struck me. I was born 27-10-1961 - I was 2 days old!! That was a special week hehe :-)
And as for the time change; I did get confused this morning. The clocks said it was 7, but the computer said it was 6am. So much for the extra hour's sleep!!

esther_a said...

Oh. Yeah. The extra hour is next week. That's how confused I've been - all day!

Victoria said...

WOW! What classy layouts! I love the non chalant proposal, too funny!

Maybe turning the power off for an hour messed stuff up in Australia?

Explanation of our crazy category game:

1. One person picks 3 topics for the other person in the car to choose from.
2. The person who is coming up with the topic, often, has a questioned formed for only 1 of the categories out of 3 three.
3. The person asking the question then will ask the question they wanted to ask all along, regardless of the topic chosen.
4. The person that answers the question correctly gets to choose the the next 3 categories.
5. No winner is ever determined.
6. If you are playing the game with Eve you have to ask a question about Dr. Who.

I don't think Parker Brothers is going to give us a ring, but we enjoy the game.

Amandac said...

Sertiously beautiful Carol! Loving teh crisp feel the flowers give teh page, you are an artist my dear!

Daylight saving always confuses us QLDers LOL!

Lynne said...

Beautiful pages!

Daylight saving [not] ending seems to have confused a lot of people - lucky it was Sunday and not a work day [generally speaking]!

Bells said...

Oh that's so gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how 'mature' those glasses and severe hair made women look in the 50s and 60s?!

Lisa Beth said...

Sweet layout, nice and simple - sort of like that proposal! :-)

I'm always confused about when daylight savings time starts over here. Now that I live much farther north, I'm just glad to have more light every day, never mind what the clock says!