Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whoever thought this would happen?

That firstly dipping my feet into this digi scrap arena would be something I would embrace and adore doing. Gosh I remember going to a Creative Memories party once (no offence CM) but I bought over $100 worth of stuff and it's still sitting in the top of the wardrobe. I tried one page and just couldn't get into it. It took time setting up, it was messy, photos weren't the size I wanted them to be, arrrrrrgh. So just over 12 months ago I try this digi scrap thing and there was no stopping me, it was so much fun and I felt this overwhelming need to document EVERYTHING!

Then August last year Sharon of [ksharonkdesigns] chose me to be a Guest Creative Team member which later turned into a permanent gig and now I'm having all the fun in the world with the team at twolittlepixels.

Now a dear friend Anna of Paper Moons has set up Studio Anna at Scrapbookgraphics and I'm lucky enough to be on her Creative Team too.

Does it get any better than this?

Go visit Anna and check out her shop, lots of fun things and a lot more to come. I do so wish her the best of luck with this venture and know she'll be a rip-roaring success. Click on the piccy below to magically whisk you to her store, LOL.

I've used Anna's goodies and a few others items which you'll see in the credits, to put together another page for mum's family book. I do just love this pink ticking paper, it reminds me of a material I have here in my quilting stash.

Funnily enough, when I looked at the picture I immediately saw Silkie the Owl up on the bedhead. I wonder what ever happened to that stuffed toy? I remember Silkie was one of my favourites, it kind of hooted when you rocked it. Funny how all these childhood memories came flooding back the minute I saw this darn owl which I haven't given two thoughts about in since forever.


Credits here.

Mike has a busy weekend ahead painting some clubrooms in town (if the weather holds) so I'm back home for a weekend with mum. Who knows what we'll get up to. So catch you when I return on Monday!


Victoria said...

I have old C.M. albums and supplies and it annoys the stew out of me when the pictures fall off because the glue has failed. I'm not any faster at digi, but I do love the clean up!

Anna's stuff is gorgeous!

Your layouts always are stunners!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a gorgeous photo of you with your baby brother. I often wondered what happened to those special childhood toys.

Lynne said...

Congratuations on being part of Anna's team. I have 'real' scrapbooking supplies but haven't done anything since I stopped teaching [not for CM] two years ago!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, the digital images are too big on my screen, i am only seeing half your setting, on mUm and Dad's engagement as well. What I can see is great though, Tracey

Victoria May Sharpe said...

Carol, as usual everything is SO gorgeous. You have such a talent - your scrapping is just magical. Victoria May xx

Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new CT, Carol! Her stuff is beautiful, as are the layouts you've done with it!