Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something about a car race?

LOL. You're either loving it today or not. The Grand Prix is on. Can you even imagine being in those racing car suits on a day like today in Melbourne, urrrrgh. If it's anything like this here it must be horrendous. I actually thought heck, Mike is really getting into this, he's still in front of the TV watching, I was surprised, until I just went in there. Yes the telly is going, the cars are whizzing around, but he's zonked out asleep on the couch with the fan blowing on him, ROFL.

My brother has been going to the Grand Prix each day, he's loving it, but it's been so hot and he's extremely sunburnt. Plus he has Kiss concert tickets for tonight. I'm so glad he's finally letting his hair down too, after such a harrowing few months for us all. It's his turn to have some fun.

Now I just have to work on mum, hmmmmmm.

Hey, and in this weather, I just checked, it's still 35 celsius out there, you can hereby tell me I'm a fool but I actually have a roast lamb cooking in the oven. Lordy Lord. Way to make the kitchen even hotter. But I really fancied a roast dinner tonight so a yummy roast lamb, veg, roast potatoes, mint jelly with gravy. I'm already licking my lips.

Plus of course I'll make absolutely way too many veg so it will be bubble and squeak all round tomorrow. Yummo.

Layout to show you today is one of my nephew at the play ground at the start of the year. Yes, it did seem like a good idea at the time - he started down the slide and realized just how HOT HOT HOT it was. He was all very brave, smiles for the camera all round. Until he came to the bottom and then there were tears.

Credits here.

Hope it's cooler in your part of the world. I think I'll go jump in a cold shower now to try to cool off a bit.


esther_a said...

Nope, just as hot here in central Vic. Everything outside is sizzling and shrivelling up. :-( And inside, the air-con is just not keeping up!
When will it end?!

Bells said...

it's just as hot in Canberra and I have a chicken roasting, with potatoes. It's Sunday night and I am having a chicken if I want to!

Great shots of your nephew!

Nicole said...

You bet it's cooler here!  It's 30 degrees Farenheit here in Wisconsin.  That's below freezing, my friend!  If we could throw your weather and my weather into a bowl and mix them I think we would have a good temperature!

Lynne said...

Hot here in western Sydney - we had Chinese home delivered! Leftovers tonight!!