Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yawn !

Feeling more than a little tired right now and it's only just gone 8pm. We were up at 6am to head down to the lake for the dawn service for Easter Sunday, an ecumenical service held by the various churches in town. It's a really nice tradition we have on Easter Sunday and I hazard a guess that it was the biggest turn out this morning for many years. Afterwards we have a lovely early morning drinking coffee, eating hot cross buns and chatting to everyone. And this morning, despite a big bonfire burning to keep us warm, it wasn't overly cold. Mike played the bagpipes which added some spirit making it a lovely morning for all.

Then I completely forgot I was meeting one of my friends who has since moved to Melbourne but was back in the area over at the next town for a drink this arvo. Thank goodness she rang to tell me she was running late. Errrr... it had slipped my mind completely so I had to make a mad dash using my ever faithful backroads shortcut. I think I must have forgotten because Mike had a "granny nap" on the couch, and well I ended up having a bit of a nap too (well we had gotten up extra early on a Sunday). Well I can blame him any way right?

Good Friday and Easter Saturday I spent at Geelong having some family time with mum and my brother. And I went to see Mike's parents also down the coast. Mike is up to his eyeballs in work so he stayed home and trudged through it.

I've been trying to talk mum into coming down to stay with us for a break or to take her away somewhere but to date she has staunchly denied all pleadings from me. But she's done a backflip now and is coming down to stay for a few days from Thursday!! YAY!!!! Mike is off on a camp with the boys so it will be a great girls weekend for mum and I. And then the weekend after we're going to Melbourne overnight for a big shopping expedition. I am sooooooo happy about this. I want her to get out and about and have some "me" time for herself (with of course me tagging along!! ha) and well just to enjoy herself. And she's now said yes. It's time. I can't wait.

So whilst down at Geelong I caught up with my brother and I was trying to get a half decent picture of the two of us. I really should quit while I'm ahead. This is the end result. Yes, you can imagine, I'm rolling my eyes as I type!


Hey, have I finally worked out how to make my previews bigger? Let's see if this works.

Credits here.

I am really loving these new wires from Sharon. They come in gold, silver and a rusty iron look. Loads of fun. Click on the preview to take you to twolittlepixels.


ksharonk said...

Carol, you are 'rocking' the wire ... so cool! :)

Lynne said...

Have a great time with your mum - you both deserve it!

catsmum said...

LOVE that third photo with your brother - happy easter m'dear

Bells said...

am so glad to hear your mum is coming to visit Carol. Great news!

esther_a said...

Oh well, you got some revenge! Hehe!!
Your use of the wire is inspiring!

Victoria said...

What a full weekend! If you get a chance can you put some of his bagpipe music on a wee video, so we can enjoy too?!

Yeah for your mum coming for a visit!

Your brother makes me see what most of Noah's future adult pictures will be. He does the same thing with his eyes. Cute layout!

Melissa said...

You and your brother have lovely blue eyes. I imagine that your brother is quite a character based on these few pictures. : )

Your scrap page is great, and I like how you used the wire.