Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A simpler time

I was chatting with some friends the other day as to our childhoods and it brought me back to a time when growing up where water conservation wasn't really an issue, where it was safe to play in the front yard, in an open street, where we as kids just didn't have a care in the world except going from one day to the next. Where the endless summers just kept going and going. And when mum would put the whirly sprinkler on and we would don our togs and go play and dance and jump around in the sprinkler.

I'm popping this layout into the archives here to be put away for mum's Christmas album of our family (ahhhh so many albums on the go!!). I love Sharon's Smoochy papers and the nostalgic feel it gave to this page.

Oh and by memory, I do believe my polka dot bikini was red and white.

Credits here.

I'm gearing up for a big weekend, so finishing up tomorrow and Friday I'm heading away on a girl's weekend, back sometime Sunday. We do this once a year, head interstate to one of the girl's beach shacks, usually about 10 or 12 of us cram into this little shack with mattresses all over the place, we have a fancy dress Saturday night, and it's just a wonderful weekend. My dear old workmates from before I moved when I got married, love that they keep including me.

Shhhhhh ... the fancy dress is in teams this year and it's a secret, but as no one from my old work reads this, it's okay to tell. Think Baby Love, is that big enough hint? Think glitzy dresses and big hair. Yes, I'm Diana Ross and the other two in our team are my Supremes and lets just say you're gonna need sunglasses on when you see a pic of my glitzy silver dress I made!


Christine said...

Ahhhhh! Good ole days they were indeed! Leaving the house after breakfast on our bikes to go round up the neighbor kids and not coming back home until you were starving from playing so hard! Never worrying about getting sunburned cause you never heard of skin cancer. Staying out late playing hide-n-seek until you were covered with mosquito bites and never worried about West Nile virus! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!! We want to see pictures!!!

Amandac said...

The good old days! Your LO is lovely Carol and made me feel so nostalgic. Have a wonderful weekend with your girlfriends and don't forget to take lots of pictures - esp of the Supremes LOL. Take care love :)

Victoria said...

Sprinkler time was the best! The photo is so cool. The layout does have such a great look and feel.

I hope your time with the gals is a ton of laughs!

Belanna said...

Hope you had a great weekend Carol - can't wait to see the dress! Saw this layout on Sharon's blog earlier and knew it was yours at first glance, it's superb!