Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do you like corned beef?

I must ask that question as I've discovered lately it's a love or loathe response. I personally love it. We had it last night with vegetables, mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. Deeeeeelicious!!!! Tonight is leftovers with salad including my yummy pasta salad which has sundried tomatoes, mustard, pine nuts, fetta, all manner of mouthwatering goodies in it. I'm hanging out for dinner time.

Sharon has a fabulous freebie on her blog in a cute as can be shade of pink, so go grab it as it will only be there for a limited time. Here's a peek, click on the preview to take you to her blog for this downloaded goodness, LOL.

And this is what I did with it. Again 'borrowing' a cute as can be little girl, the niece of a workmate. Thanks again T and L, I appreciate you letting me borrow the little munchkin, so hope you like the page to add to your collection.

Credits here.


Bells said...

I'm not sure about corned beef. I have bad memories of it from childhood but enough people tell me how good it is that I'm keen to try it. Can you describe how you cook it, Carol?

Amandac said...

I LOVE Corned beef Carol! Yummy with cabbage and cheesey mustard sauce! Love your LO, she is a little sweetie :). Thanks for the blog love, I still have a couple of spiders I haven't photographed yet LOL!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Loved the stash busting pics...I watched the 'busters too!
Mad on silverside here-love the mustard sauce aswell, one thing the whole family agrees on.
Cute littley, Tracey

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Ps you are tagged on my blog, come visit and see, Tracey

Belanna said...

I loathe it, my other half loves it, one of our few bones of contention lol! Love the page sweetie!