Friday, February 22, 2008

Number 5 !!

Well here they are, pair number 5. Knitted with The Knittery yarn in the shade called Vineyard. A simple rib pattern in the most delicious green/purple shade. The photo doesn't do it justice. Love them I do. Check out Southern Summer of Socks for other beautiful socks by very talented knitters. There's such a sense of achievement for me when I finish a pair and I get to post my socks on this site. Bells and RoseRed have really given me a gift starting this, because I would never have tried socks otherwise.

Mike has just come in after watching Alien v. Predator 2. He said it was a seriously good movie. Too much gore for me.
We have our biggest event of the year in town here tomorrow and it's raining. It's a music festival where the best time would be had being out doors in the sunshine soaking up all the music events. But every year it rains. I think only one year I've known it to be a lovely sunny day. But right now we're building an ark, truly. It hasn't stopped since about 5pm and here I am 5 and a half hours later and still it rains.
At least you can say the town is consistent.


Victoria said...

It was raining buckets last night and this morning here. We need it desparately.

I love the comment you made about the shot of Eve looking back. I completely agree. I was playing around with the photo for quite a while, but was unable to get the look I wanted. Maybe it was a case of over thinking. I believe I will revisit that idea directly. Thanks! :)

The socks are super groovy!

I haven't seen the alien v. predator flick. I have seen Alien, Aliens and Predator. The funny thing is now I think of The Vicar of Dibley when I think of Aliens due to the marriage proposal scene. I don't know if you have ever seen the show, but it is a riot.

Christine said...

Beeeee-utiful socks Carol! Looks like fun to make! Sorry about the rain, hopefully it will clear up for the festival!