Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coleslaw anyone?

It's an absolutely smashing day here today and this evening we are going to a BBQ at a dear friends in town. She is holding it for her partner and it's kind of a surprise/not such a surprise birthday party. He knows he's having a BBQ. I tend to think he thinks he's in for a quiet night. What he doesn't know is the amount of people she has invited!! LOL

She asked if I could bring a coleslaw ***ALARM BELLS*** I can't believe that I've gotten to this age in my life and I have NEVER EVER made coleslaw. A quick check with some friends as to what to put in it and well here is the result, looking absolutely yummy in my big watermelon ceramic bowl.

Now I need to urge the digi scrappers to hop on over to Artistic Musings and download the latest newsletter from twolittlepixels. Inside you will find the most wonderful freebie paper set from vintagecharm called "Red Velvet Cake" You will adore it, I promise. I'm not going to spoil the surprise and post a pic of the paper pack, but here's one the papers in action. Isn't the texture of it just fabulous.

Credits here.

Well off to go make myself beautiful, LOL. Or at least get some semblance of order to my hair. I had it cut recently and it's quite layered (you haven't even seen a pic yet) and it's sticking up every which way. What do they say? The difference between a good and bad haircut is 3 weeks? Not saying it was a bad haircut, just maybe not the haircut for me.


Lynne said...

That coleslaw looks really yummy - I bet it went down a treat!

I put apple in mine - my family loves it!

Amandac said...

Oh yum I love coleslaw and yours looks great!