Friday, February 8, 2008

Well I didn't skinny dip! LOL

You will be pleased that the bathers held together and still fitted, despite the being dried in the dryer incident. It was nice being back with the group, and I must admit even though it's aerobics, we're not flat out unless we want to be. There's a fair bit of laughing and chatting and well we do hang out for the floating on the noodle time at the end of the session.

I do believe I would like a whole session of just floating on the noodle, it would be heaven.

Now, I have some business to attend to.

Bells recently gave me a 'you make my day' award which was really a lovely thing to do. Thank you again Bells.

I have quite the blog list that I like to look through, a mixture of scrapping, knitting and quilting (naturally), photography, cooking and some of which have become friends. And although I would really award to all, because I keep coming back to the blogs to keep reading, I'll just send this award to a few, that I think you would enjoy having a squiz at. This list is by no means conclusive of all the blogs I love, just ones I think you might enjoy.

Saving the World One File at a Time

Do go and visit Victoria and her family. She has the most adorable kids, and does gorgeous scrap book pages, which I have tried to emulate, but she has a style all of her own and it's INCREDIBLE! And now she's learning cake decorating, so I can foresee some beautiful pics of yummy creations to come.

Artistic Musings

Of course everyone who digi scraps would know Sharon or [ksharonkdesigns] and it's no secret I have admired her designs since I first stumbled onto her blog when I started digi scrapping and making my first very awkward layouts. And what a thrill it was for me to get a guernsey in her creative team. In the words of Molly Meldrum "do yourselves a favour" and go visit, particularly Fridays when she gives out a freebie!

Addicted to Digi Scrapping

I met Amanda at Paper Moons and being the only other Aussie at the site we quickly bonded. Love spending time at her blog and reading about their comings and goings. She's taking part in Project 365. Go read about it all, very interesting stuff. A photo every single day, what an undertaking.


I know Tracey has had many awards and this is just another string to her bow, but I do love to visit and read about her beautiful quilts and sewing, and seeing some of the most glorious country photographs. Really, the photos of the quilts on the cows are just magic. Funnily enough when I stumbled onto Tracey's blog some things were quite familiar. How funny to work out between each other we lived not too far away from each other, and as yet still have never met. Tracey, I do believe we need to meet for that coffee at you know where!!!

Southern Summer of Socks

And last but not least and perhaps a strange choice, but I do love visiting this site every single day. Bells and RoseRed started a sock knitalong. With a lot of patience and perseverence Bells held my hand from a distance as I knitted my first sock. Now five and a half pairs later I am kicking myself for not getting over my fear of dpns sooner. I love looking at the glorious socks that people are making, and the gorgeous shades of yarn, and getting that little buzz when I too have finished a pair and get to post my accomplishment. I adore this site and the fun it's given me.

So there you have it, my choices. Ladies, you all do really make my day.

And after all that, I don't believe I've ever shown the layout I made for Tracey some time ago of her kidlets in the beautiful yellow sea that is the canola fields on their farm. (she did give me permission to post this!!)


Streaky Paint paper by Lynne Grieveson (recoloured)
Postage Stamp Frames No.3 by Katie Pertiet
Postmarked Memories by Katie Pertiet
Stitching from Audobon Collection No.1 by Katie Pertiet
Frames with Flourishes by Katie Pertiet
Font – Lainie Day


Victoria said...

Thank you for the compliments, Carol! :) I am, truly, honored! I look forward to checking out your other links.

How wonderful that you didn't have to go to water aerobics sans suit. If you had decided to show up that way you could have started a layout series that dealt with wild things your relatives really did.

The layout with the sea of yellow flowers and the children just transport you to a happier place! WOW!

Amandac said...

Well you have made my evening Carol, I'm just thrilled and I can't wait to check out the other blogs (except Sharon's who I already haunt on a regular basis LOL). I'm so glad that I have "met: you, you are such a lovely person! *hugs*

Nicole said...

What a wonderful layout, it's absolutely gorgeous! What fun it must have been for those kiddos to run around in as well!

gwen said...

Thank you for sharing the nice links. I especially like the one on socks! I am a newly addicted too. The picture and layout are gorgeous. Just what we need over here where grey sky follows grey sky follows rain! Take care.

Rose Red said...

squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks Carol!

That Canola is amazing stuff isn't it. It looks fab - you are v. clever!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yes, you are v.clever!!....but you did have such absolutely gorgeous children to work with!!! I never get sick of that layout-and hopefully neither do the millions of family and friends who now have it on fridge magnets, Christmas cards and calendars!
Thanks for the Award! And yes, definitely time we organized a coffee! Tracey