Sunday, November 4, 2007

Building an ark !

Yes, we're almost at that stage, what a weekend! It hasn't stopped raining since Friday night. Unbelievable but good. Big soaking rains. I swear our hydrangeas have doubled overnight. There are buds on them everywhere, they will look exquisite once they flower.

But mad as hatters we still went to the Dunkeld Arts Festival, rain as it did. We got to see a painting exhibition along with a photographic exhibition which has me all wired up to start driving around the area to take more landscape photographs. We bought some very nice honey coated cashews from a vendor and wished we bought more, they are delicious!!!! And then ended up in the pub drinking hot chocolates and coffee. We took a dear friend from town as well, and it was quite a treat to just be able to sit in the car on the way up and back and just talk and catch up, so that was good in itself.

Oh and a farmer shore a sheep (is that the right terminology?) right in front of me. Okay so a lot of people might get to see that on a daily basis out here, but I don't, not up that close. What an exquisite feeling the sheeps belly was after being shorn, almost like warm chenille. It was the strangest colour sheep too, browns *AND* white, I don't think I've ever seen a multi-coloured sheep before but they were there.

I did get to meet a few sheep yesterday, and want to show you this particular one, we have some way out sheep in the country!! LOL Don't you just love the hair do!!

[frame/staples by ksharonkdesigns]


Michael Taylor said...

Bottle up some of that rain and ship it up here. We haven't had much at all in the last six months.

Bells said...

that hair do rocks. I love it! Isn't the rain great? we're getting some too but are not at ark stage yet.

Victoria said...

I adore hydrangeas! Please photograph them when you get an opportunity!

I have seen a sheep shearing on t.v. only, but it looks so cool!

If you need him, I could send our Noah over to help build the ark. But watch out! The ark would probably end up looking like a rocket ship and would only allow chickens. (He is a bit of a weird kid, but we love him!) ;)