Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bliss !

Definition of bliss for me right now is waking up knowing I don't have to go back to work for three whole weeks!!!!!! Some people can't work me out, having rec leave in November. But I did it last year and loved it so much. I got *EVERYTHING* done for Christmas, shopping finished, presents wrapped, crafty things completed, cards written, menu planned. It was wonderful being able to head into December without a care in the world. I could really set about and enjoy the Christmas season. I aim to do the same this year.

I need to look back on my blog and see where I got up to with my 'Things' series to show you. I think I'm up to this one. Please let me know if you've seen it before here. You may have seen it in the gallery but not here as yet. If you've seen it before, then here's an encore performance, LOL.

Katie Pertiet - Vintage Picnic paper
Katie Pertiet - Stacked vintage frames
Katie Pertiet - Ledger Frames No2
Katie Pertiet - Hung up Tags
Pillowgirl's Essential bows/ribbons
Photo - Square America
Font - GF Halda


Bells said...

God you are so funny Carol. I love it. Have you ever entered those comps in magazines where you add a caption to a funny celebrity photo? They give away good money for those.

And no, haven't seen that one before. It's a crack up.

I love having leave this time of year, same as you. It's spring. The days are lovely. It's not so hot that you feel too lazy to get anything done. I'm with you on that one. 100%

Victoria said...

Your planning abilites are amazing! I'm hoping to absorb some of your skills by reading your blog.

The layout is hilarious!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That's BinG!!!
He really happened...and he was singing,
'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....with every pair of boxers i get...may they all realise for next year...that i'm a jock man!!!"
I know doesn't really rhyme and not as good as your effort, but fun!!Tracey