Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday - a day of rest ?

Nuh uh, not here today! My basket of ironing overflowest! Urrrrgh. So I think once I log off here I'm going to plonk myself in front of Martha on the telly (yes, we have a Martha fest on Austar on Sunday mornings 9am to 1pm!! Now that's what I call a religious experience. Bliss!) and iron my heart out.

Mike's parents came down for a visit yesterday and I actually hid the ironing basket so my MIL wouldn't see it. How stupid is that? Can you believe it? I'm a 42 year old working woman in my own home and I hid my ironing basket from my mother-in-law. I'm still shaking my head at that one, I don't know where that impulse came from, but I was in a frenzy yesterday morning tidying up and working out where to hide the ironing (yes you can insert rolling eyes here!! LOL)

Now I mentioned in a previous post of Anna's fabulous Vintage Damask papers, well here's one in action. I love the pale aqua colour.


Background paper – Vintage Damask by Anna Benjamin of Paper Moons
Also – Shabby Blues by Michelle Coleman
Frame – Vintage Frames no. 5 and Frames with Flourishes by Katie Pertiet
Tag - Stitched Elements by Katie Pertiet
Stitches – Natali Funny Stitches
Flower – Digitally pressed petals 3 by Katie Pertiet
Stamp – Postmarked Memories (altered) by Katie Pertiet
Staples – ksharonk designs
Font – Pea Johanna Script
Photo – Dead Fred Mystery Photographs


Bells said...

oh that wig is so bad. Very nicely put!

I think my MIL's ironing pile is worse than mine, but I'd still wanna hide it anyway!

Amandac said...

OMG I do the same thing LOL! But hide my ironing BECAUSE she will iron it! Why, I don't know, because you think that I would love to have it gone. Love the latest "things" LO Carol, that gin is a nasty business first thing in the morning LOL.

Victoria said...

The ironing pile story is too funny! I have found a way around ironing (it works in my mind). I take the clothes out of the dryer the minute the buzzier goes off and hang them up. If that plan fails I set the ironing board up and drape the offending article over it and when Michael gets home I ask him if he would do the ironing because he is better at it. He always agrees because he is better at it. His father was a Marine and taught his how to iron when he was a kid. If we ever get to visit in your neck of the woods feel free to leave out the ironing pile and leave the board up!

Those backward wig wearing gin drinkers can be such good fodder for layouts! Another brillant addition,Carol!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Having a good laugh here! The papers are gorgeous!
There are some days when starting in the morning doesn't sound so bad......
And my ironing would be the first thing hidden, then the reat of the mess and just pray she doesn't want to look in my bedroom! Tracey