Saturday, July 14, 2007

A bit of urrgh and a bit of excitement!

Have you ever managed to stuff up your email so royally that you just wish you could rewind to where it all went pear shaped? Hubby put a new virus checker and fire wall and spam filter and there was something else, I can't remember, on my computer. I swear, I'm so protected, ain't nothing getting through this thing that shouldn't be here! EXCEPT ME!! ha

I did something to the spam filter and lost the toolbar. After many attempts to find it and put it back again, I started getting multiple emails from people. Not all emails. Just some. Now as much as I love everyone, I was getting up to 50 of the same email. Arrrrrrrgh. Over and over and over.

Cross fingers, after uninstalling, reinstalling and now uninstalling and reinstalling again, I think (emphasis on the word THINK) it might be right. I've had no duplicate emails tonight. Cross fingers.

Have spent tonight scouring ebay for some finds for this 60's/70's party that we're going to in a few weeks. I can't believe just how MUCH some of this vintage stuff is going for. I do believe I may end up getting some swirly patterned material and sewing up a quick dress, it seems to be the cheaper option. Mike is okay, he's decided to just go as a hippy, jeans, tie-dyed shirt (which strangely enough we did happen to have in the back of the wardrobe - blush) and a long wig which I'm still to get from the party shop. Boys are easy. Girls on the other hand, well we have to look just right don't we.

Stay tuned, I will find something!

Now in honour of my dear friend Tanya who has entered the world of blogging (she is doing some AMAZING knitting for someone who has just gotten back into the craft after a hiatus) I have put together a TTNRH specially for her. Lots of fun, not sure if I'd like the sand in my butt after this pic was taken, poor girl!

Papers – Good Ole’ Days by Carla Gibson and W&W Creating Beauty
Border Template by Katie Pertiet
Postage Stamp Frames No.3 by Katie Pertiet
Stamps – Postmarked Memories and Defining Moments by Katie Pertiet
Vintage Blank Safety Tags by Katie Pertiet
The Ultimate Stitches by Lisa Whitney
Fonts – Arial and Antique type

Now for my very exciting news...
You may have noticed my "THINK PINK" blinkie in the border. Well check out Paper Moons site. I have a place with a remarkably talented set of ladies in heading up the Creative Support Team for the absolutely awe inspiring and utterly talented Anna of Paper Moons. I hope I am worthy! I'm thrilled to be part of this journey with Anna who is just such a power house and truly is someone on the way to the top in the digiscrap designing world, not to mention she does the most brilliant layouts and is completely generous with her talents. Thank you Anna for this opportunity.
Now with that, I'm off to have a cuppa and then bed! Nighty night all.


Victoria said...

The new TTNRH layout is fabulous! I have been to the beach enough to know how hard sand is to get out from between my toes, so my mind is having a hard time wrapping itself around the situation as it pretains to other areas. YIKES!

I can't wait to see what outfit you come up with for the party.

Congratulations on being a part of Anna's team!!! You and Anna are wonderful creative gals and will knock the socks off the digi world! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! YEAH!

Bells said...

oh congrats on the team, Carol! What will you actually be involved in, ie what's the deal?

That TTNRH is fabulous. Tanya will love that. She is very clever, isn't she?

Tanya said...

Congratulations!!! You will be a very valuable addition to the team :) The make your own dress idea sounds great - at least it will fit perfectly then too! And I love my TTNRH - tee hee!!!

LVMommy22 said...

rotflol! your ttnrh are my all-time favorite LOs!!! where ever did you find this photo?! i love the colors, and the postage marks, and the scallops, and, and, and ... ok, every little bit is fabulous! lol!
:) M