Thursday, October 20, 2011

You are getting sleepy!

Well today I did get sleepy, in fact I paid $59 for a good nap this afternoon. A friend from town here and I went to a group hypnosis session for weight loss. Now I don't feel any different, not at all. I still wolfed down my dinner tonight like there was no tomorrow. Maybe that was because I hadn't eaten any lunch, who knows.

I do know that I have never felt that relaxed so quickly. How come I can lay in bed for seemingly hours without sleep arriving, but this afternoon I felt like I went so deep so fast. I could hear everything that she was apparently telling my subconscious mind, but my conscious mind I guess could hear everything in the room, the lady behind me that sniffed, a lady a few rows back who did a little snore, the hum of the air conditioner, someone in the far corner shuffling their feet. I heard every single one of those noises magnified, whilst she was talking in her very lilting sing songy voice.

And at one stage I felt like even though my hands were on my lap and my thumbs were touching my forefinger on each hand, it felt like my thumbs were lifting up, strange sensation, but then I pressed them and yep, they were still touching my forefingers. Likewise when I was laying on the floor, yes she had us having a laying on the floor session too, I lay there with my knees up if you can picture that, but with my feet flat on the floor. I felt during the session that my feet were slipping further and further away as if my legs were lowering. Except they weren't.

Did it work? Time will tell.

It's meant to make me want to make good choice, it's meant to make me want to leave food on my plate and not finish everything, it's meant to make me want to get out and about and move, it's meant to make me want to crave water. Actually every time she said water, she actually said "water water water". I don't know if that was significant.

In the meantime I'll just grab a cookie to have with my cup of tea! giggle.

On the scrapping front...

Just loving the new goodies appearing at Designer Digitals this weekend, glorious colours. And whilst I'm just flipping through the remainder of photos I have of my nephews, I've decided not to sweat it and try to create a masterpiece, I'm letting Studio Double D create it for me and I've used this fabulous new Layer Works. So easy, pop a photo in, add a few embellishments if you want, pick your coloured papers and call it a day.


Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that I'm waiting for my poo-bah to come home, he's at a meeting over in the next town. I have two very sleepy dogs beside me on the floor waiting for the lights to go out and go to sleep.

Actually that's funny, I've been thinking of Christmas cards, well it is coming up you know. Lucky was snoozing quite peacefully on the couch so I grabbed the reindeer ears and put them on him, still he slept, and I snapped some photos. I'll see what I can make out of those photos.


Lynne said...

Poor Lucky - it will be quite a surprise to find himself (disguised a reindeer) on your Christmas cards and not remember anything about it!

amson said...

Good luck with the hypnosis, sounds interesting!