Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woo hoo! Funny how things happen.

Funny indeed. For those in the know, I live in a little country town and our local supermarket is an IGA. The nearest Safeway or Coles is a good 50km away so unless I stop in on the way home from work, or make a special trek on a Saturday, I pick up the "in between" things that need stocking up on at the IGA. That's Independent Grocers of Australia if anyone wasn't aware.

Well IGA is running a birthday bonus competition at the moment. Spend over $30, enter online with a chance to win. I had saved my docket and had the flyer for the competition sitting on the bench. It had been sitting there for a few days and I just screwed up the docket and threw it in the bin this morning because I couldn't be bothered getting online to enter. A few hours later I walked back into the kitchen and the competition flyer was still on the bench. Wonder why I hadn't thrown that away too? Hmmm, was it a sign?

So I dug out the screwed up docket from the bin (yep, call me a bin scab!!) and smoothed it out and got online and entered.

If I had flashing lights here, I'd use it!

A screen came up when I hit submit and I had won one of the day's instant prizes a $500 gift voucher!!!! YAY me! $500 worth of free groceries. Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Just had to send my docket by registered post today and all being well in 28 days I'll receive my voucher in the mail.

On the scrapping front I am taking Jana Morton's "Blending and Beyond" class at Get it Scrapped. I have been in awe of her amazing blended scrap pages since I first laid eyes on them. I'm half way through the lesson and in the middle of a page right now, who knows where it will end up.

Watch this space.

Here's another page I recently did, and before you think I'm ultra mean in posting this, Mike has said go for it. Don't you love a man who can laugh at himself, what a trooper. I took this photograph whilst he was in the throes of "Man Flu" which as we women know is waaaaay worse than Female Flu. Hmmmph.

Actually he did cop the flu badly three times this year, it's been a bad one for him, one of those times ended up with him in hospital on oxygen because his chest felt like it had swords in it. So whilst I do jest, I know just how badly he did get it this year. But we can still laugh at this photo right, particularly the hair!!!


Credits Designer Digitals.

Mike has just gotten home from his meeting and a cup of tea and we will call it a night.


Chocolate Cat said...

Congrats! I love to hear of people winning competitions. It was meant to be!! Love the page of flu is such a beast!

amson said...

Congratulations. You have blown away my theory that noone actually wins these competitions.

Lynne said...

Woo-hoo! What a great win!

I live on the fringe of Sydney metropolitan area and out local is also an IGA! the nearest Coles is about four kilometres away. Penrith itself has Coles, Woolworths, Franklins (2) and Aldi.