Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm on holidays and it's absolute bliss! Can I say that I do holidays very very well. I completely unwind. This is my first week of 3 weeks of leave, yay me! I have major plans of things I want to accomplish, I bet I'll be bemoaning in a few weeks time that I haven't achieved even a quarter of my list. No matter. Because ... I'M ON HOLIDAYS!

Although today I was running around Warrnambool like a mad woman, going through the huge list I had made of everything I needed to get for the weekend. There will be a function in town here where Mike becomes grand poohbah, ha! that's what I call it anyway. So he will be "installed" is the word they use and we're not just planning the regular old dinner, oh no, not us! We're planning a dinner DANCE in the big hall. We have about 80 guests who have RSVP'ed, so I've been having a quiet freak out. I have to entertain the ladies who are attending for about 3 hours while the men do their secret men's business and then join us for dinner.

It will be a huge deal for Mike and best of all his dad and sister will be coming to it, his dad playing a very important role on the night, plus the four kids are also coming. I'm so glad they were able to see the significance of the event for their dad, despite it being waaaaay daggy!

Oh and because we are big on themes in the G house, this night will have a Scottish theme. There's a haggis being cooked for the occasion also, not by me, but by an expert haggis maker in the next town. Who knew you could rise to such levels of honour! Plus a few other Scottish surprises. Not to mention I have made 15 tartan table runners this week, all different coloured tartans that I picked up for a bargain price on ebay, YAY EBAY! So I think with every table being a different tartan on the white table cloth it should look quite festive.

Onto the scrapping front, did you realise that the other day it was 9/10/11. 9th October 2011 for my American friends, I know you say the date backwards to us, so it probably didn't make sense the way I wrote it. I only realised the date about 6pm that night when I looked at the calendar, and knowing at that moment there would be a scrapbook page in the making, I said to Mike that had I realised I would have made sure we had more of an interesting day to scrap about! Ahh well, we have to scrap the "normal" too don't we?


Credits Designer Digitals.

Pretty chuffed too, the page ended up on Gallery Standouts also. Always a thrill when you spot a layout on there. :-)

More on the Secret Christmas Gift...

Thank you for the suggestions, keep them coming. I can confirm that Mike reports that the gift is NOT:
A sports car
Santa himself!
Shares that will mature in 12 months
A swimming pool that will take 12 months to build
Or a spa bath

HINT NUMBER 5: He says it will take a lot of sticky tape to wrap up.

I am wondering now though if he's winding me up with these silly hints. Only time will tell. 11 weeks to be exact. Oh boy! That's what they said on the radio today, I swear I nearly drove off the road.

That means there's only about 7 weeks till I have a very special weekend planned with my best friend Sonia. I can't wait.


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh enjoy your holidays, I am green with envy!!! What an exciting weekend you have coming up, sure it will all go to plan. My grandfather was a mason and I have his ring which I love having. Love your 9/10/11 page!! Amazing what we have to scrap about!!

Federica said...

Dear carol
thank you so much for being a reader of my blog and most of all for your sweet comment and congraturations :)))
You make very pretty crafty works too, so congrats to you too!!!
a big big hug


Lynne said...

Enjoy your holidays and Mike's big night!