Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The weekend that was

Slowly recovering after Saturday and Mike's Installation and the subsequent entertaining of the ladies and the dinner afterwards. Such a huge build up but it all went off swimmingly. I was nervous as all get out, having to entertain 25 ladies whilst the men were all doing their secret squirrel stuff in the Lodge across the road.

I had a few fun quizzes, a lucky chair, some very yummy nibbles and a guest speaker, a local historian who has such a passion for geneology and history and he is enthusiastic about it and hugely entertaining. He was a big hit. After he spoke for about 45 minutes, you couldn't see him for ladies surrounding him asking his more questions. In fact one of the ladies there discovered during his talk that she was a distant cousin. What can we say, geneology rocks!

I said to him that us scrapbookers are getting rid of the middle man, we're getting our stories down now so people in 50 years, 100 years, 150 years time don't have to do the research. He just laughed.

The dinner afterwards was a lot of fun. It's all quite, well shall we say, formal. Because there was a Scottish theme we got piped into the hall by 3 pipers and a drummer, the tables looked very festive with my tartan table runners and candles. Mike had arranged a haggis for entree and one of the Scots there did the "Ode to the Haggis". Honestly I couldn't understand a word he said, his accent was so thick.

Mike's kids were, will I say in awe? Maybe not in awe, but strangely curious at all the ritual and speeches that went on. One thing I will say for certain they were really proud of their dad and Mike was so glad they were there to enjoy his big night with him. So special.

The kids had control of my camera so here are some random shots of after the secret squirrel behind closed doors stuff ! ha.


Yes there's even a cake to cut.

My sister-in-law waiting for her dinner!

The boys, Wes and Tristan.

I said no faces.

Miss Tabby and her boyfriend.

Miss Britt with her grandpa.

Such a special night for Mike, but we're both so glad it's over. Now for the year ahead!

On the scrapping front I had mentioned I was doing Jana Morton's Blending and Beyond class at Get it Scrapped. Absolutely wonderful class and so glad I'm doing it. I have fiddled around with blending before but not in this way and it so much fun. I was pleased as punch with this first effort, which just may become the front cover of Wes' book.

I love how the photographs have almost taken on a painted quality. I haven't doctored the photographs at all in that way, just blended them into the background paper.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Well I guess I best go make some dinner, it's been lovely and warm here today and to be honest I have a case of the "I can't be bothereds". Just looked over at Lucky, he's laying in his bed half in and half out, so funny. I know the minute I move he'll wake up, would love to give you a visual.

Oh but before I go, I had the most fastastic experience last night, I have used "Facetime" on my iPad for the first time. TERRIFIC. My beautiful best friend Sonia and I spoke "face to face". I got to see her new haircut, she got to see my three chins! Honestly there's no way to hold that darn thing without showing lots of chins, I'm sure. Oh well. It was like a big show and tell, I made Lucky get up and see Sonia and Molly too, and of course Mike had to stick his mug in a few times so Sonia got to see him too. Sooo much fun. The iPad and iPhones are worth it for Facetime alone, to be sure.


Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like it was a great night, lots of fun photos, Love the 'cake cutting' one!!! Glad it all went to plan.

alexa said...

That's super page and your blending skills are wonderful! Looks like a great class ...

Lynne said...

Congratulations - well done! You are, as one of relatives used to say, "the hostess with the mostest"!

Lovely shots fof the family - everyone looks very happy.

I love the blended scrapbooking page! Wow!