Friday, October 21, 2011

A scrapping good day

I swear that's all I've done all day, except earlier on I went down the street to buy yet another copy of the newspaper (his nibs was in it this week!) and grab some take away cappuccino to bring home. So the rest of the day I have scrapped my little heart out. Love days like this. Mike is doing his BAS so I'm leaving well enough alone seeings I have no idea how to use the MYOB program.

Funnily enough I haven't had any food cravings today. I don't know if that's just me or something deeper from yesterday. I am however looking forward to dinner, we are meeting some friends down at the local pub for a meal, I'm already salivating over that. But I haven't snacked today at all, so that's a good thing.

I put together this page for the template challenge over at Designer Digitals. A fun template to use which I switched around a bit and was able to document some of my memories from the 60's and 70's. I was having such a fun trip down memory lane, I could have made this into a two page spread. The more I delved the more I found.


Credits Designer Digitals.

You can see the template I have used here, templates don't need to remain how you have received them, switch them around, turn them upside down, back to front, it's all good, it's all a starting jumping off point to then turn the page into your own. You just have to have fun with it.

I'm toying with the idea of heading over to Dunkeld tomorrow to the Mosaic Festival. It will depend on the weather. One of the activities is a nature photowalk with a local photographer, so that's really my impetus to wanting to go there. We'll see, I'll stick my head out the door and see what the weather holds before I decide tomorrow.


Polly said...

I hope the steak was a good one carol xx

Lynne said...

The photowalk sounds like fun!

How did dinner go?