Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nearly over

Well my holidays are nearly over, I guess tomorrow really is my last official day off, then the weekend and then back to work on Monday. It's been so lovely just getting up of a morning, no plans, pottering, I'm such a homebody.

I am going to a wedding on Saturday and soooo looking forward to it, one of my dear friends from work. I am looking to the heavens too, willing it not to turn nasty. I do believe "a chance of rain" has been forecast, but then again it's been forecast for the last couple of days as well and it hasn't, so fingers crossed.

I have taken a risk and actually made something for Miss Anna for a wedding gift. I can't show it on here until Sunday at the earliest because I know she has this blog address so just in case she is looking all will be revealed later. I'm going to blame Mike if she doesn't like her gift. I made one of these (cough cough) things for here and he liked it so much he immediately said "make another one for Anna's gift". To be honest I thought he would think it silly and I'd have to fight him to display it. So yes, all will be revealed on Sunday! I'm pretty jazzed about it and how good it came out.

Recall !!

Hey and I received a letter from Honda this week in the mail, my car has been recalled. After I've had it for how many ... five years now. Apparently some design fault in the electronic window switch, that if you use cleaning products containing silicone or something or other, it might make its way into the switch, creating overheating and in some cases the switch will ignite. Heck! I told Mike that there's a bright side to me hardly ever washing my car then! ha!

And on the scrapping front...

I am going gung ho to finish this book I'm making for my nephews, I want to get it done and dusted by the end of October so I can get it away for printing and sending overseas. Then I can concentrate on finishing the book I'm making for number one stepson. So many projects, so little time.

I really like how this page turned out and yes that is my photograph of the moon I have extracted on there. YAnd yes this book may end up being the sappiest thing they've ever received, but I want them to know we are always here for them, despite being on the other side of the world. And even if the next time we see them, who knows, they might be grown men, they will always have these words from me and Mike to remember.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So I've done a lot of scrapping these holidays which has suited me just fine, and to his credit, Mike hasn't given me the raised eyebrows about being on the computer so much. So good man Mike! I've alternated it with knitting time with him of an evening watching telly, so all is good ;-)


Lynne said...

My, that time has passsed so quickly. I hope work is not stressful when you return.

Hope the wedding goes well too and the weather is fine.

alexa said...

This is such a perfect page; touching journalling, clever photo placement and lovrly elements. Stunning.

Chocolate Cat said...

Enjoy your last 2 days of holidays. Hope the weather holds for the wedding, not looking too good at the moment!

Margaret said...

The book is a treat, a lovely keepsake. Waiting to see what cough cough is.