Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting waiting

Mike is off somewhere in town coin detecting and I'm waiting for him to return. I have a roast chicken ready to serve. Why oh why do I pick the hottest days of the year to make a roast, I'll never know. It has been a stinker here today.

I've had the doggy pool out and Lucky loved bounding in and out of it, making big splashes. It was fun to watch. Molly stayed inside most of the day with the AC on. She's done it hard today.

And me? I've scrapped! :-)

Here's the next two instalments to my Project 52 - week 3 and week 4 for your viewing pleasure. Oh and the bridge, the flood waters didn't do that. This is the old bridge that is still standing, but fenced off. I was leaning over the fence to take the photograph, not standing precariously on a wooden plank, I assure you.



Credits Designer Digitals.

Oh and yes, we are one of the very few houses in town that have a flag pole. I'm always a bit freaked particularly with lightening storms as it's attached up past the pinnacle of our big shed out the back, so it's high enough to be seen flying from the street. It's not really the done thing to have a flag flying in houses in Australia, although I know having been to America and Canada flag flying seems mandatory. Must say though, half the time our flagpole has the Lion Rampant flying (for Scotland) or in December there's usually a Santa Claus flag flying. So don't think I'm being too patriotic!! te he.


Polly said...

Two beautiful pages Carol. I love that you have a Santa flag.

amson said...

I love the new header and especially the gum leaves. Now that is my type of patriotic. When travelling back to Australia when living overseas, I would tear up when walking out of an airport and being hit with the smell of Eucalyptus. Love it! Have a great week.