Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot, steamy and rainy

There you go, that's the weather forecast right now at 10.30pm. It's hot, it's still hot, although if I sit out on the front porch (and get attacked by mozzies) there is a nice breeze. It's raining. It's been raining most of the day. And it's steamy. It's going to be another horrible night for sleeping. We had the fan on most of the night last night, there's a 2 hour timer on it. I swear I slept for 2 hours and then once it went off, I woke and turned it back on again, all night.

Still watching the devastating floods in Queensland. It's all so surreal seeing it on telly. I can't imagine the heartache. Mike's two uncles and cousin in Brisbane are up higher so they are okay. My thoughts keep turning to the animals. I looked at our menagerie today and wondered that if an inland tsunami hit us, with no warning, what the heck would we do.

Obviously we'd climb up onto the roof. As luck would have it we have a ladder in the porch area, Mike got it set up recently and can't fold the darn thing back up, it's stuck, so I'm calling it a bit of hardware garden art! But I can't imagine getting Molly up onto the roof. Mike said we would make a sling out of a bed sheet, but quite frankly I think she's made of sterner stuff than a bed sheet would hold. I don't do well in a panic situation, my mind would all be a muddle. So my thoughts are with everyone going through the heartache.

There's been appeals and lots of collections for the flood victims, and there will be lots of collections in the towns and cities to come, and I would urge everyone to contribute, as we have done. But close to my heart, I would urge you to also think about donating to the RSPCA of Queensland who have a special appeal out for the flood affected animals.

In scrapping news, continuing on with Project 52, here's week 2 for your viewing pleasure. Remember I am selecting a photo I have taken during the week and combining it with a quote from Confucious. Heck I have trouble spelling that man's name! The lavender in our garden is on its last legs, I took this yesterday, but now looking at it with all the rain today, the lavender has near on turned brown. Sorry bees, I think your days here are numbered.


Credits Designer Digitals.

And with that I'm off to bed, for a hot and fitful sleep I'm afraid.


ksharonk said...

That's a beautiful image, Carol. I really love taking photos of bees, but my, it's difficult to get them in focus, they are such busy little things! :)

Margaret said...

I smelt the Lavender from here. Lovely photo, anything with nature at work is a real gem.

Polly said...

Fantastic photo.