Monday, January 3, 2011

Big day

Today was stepson number one's 21st birthday. Quiet lad that he is he didn't overly want a big celebration so a family BBQ it was. We are one of those extended families that work. I have no qualms of being around Mike's ex-wife and her family, her dad and mum treat me wonderfully, the kids will hug me in front of their mum, which I thought to start with must be hard for her to see, but everyone is okay with our family as it is. It works. So we've spent a very pleasant day at an extended family BBQ.

We gave Wes a beautiful gold St. Christopher medallion on a gold chain, to keep him safe. Mike had also had it blessed by the local priest. Plus I got one of my layouts printed on canvas from Snapfish. Turned out fabulous. All thanks to a friend Doris.

Situation was that this layout was on my computer hard drive that had crashed and I lost it. No way no how could I go through that whole Andy Worhol thing again, but I had previously uploaded the page when I did it to Shutterfly. Doris suggested a way to get the layout back from Shutterfly, albeit at a slightly lesser quality, I nabbed the photo part, rebuilt the page to figure in the wrap around section of the canvas, uploaded to Snapfish, hit order, and it was with me within 5 days. Fabulous service. And it printed on canvas wonderfully.


I did say I was not quite finished with the Christmas pages, I still have more photographs to scrap, and still a few more pages to show.

Niece and nephew here. We had an early Christmas that week before with Mike's father, sister and family and I snuck the two kids outside to get a nice photo. This page will end up in a calendar for Mike's sister at the end of the year. The calendar was such a hit last Christmas that I think it's going to be an annual gift now.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Still have just under 2 weeks holidays from work left. Have I said before I loooooove not going to work.


ksharonk said...

I'm on my last day of holidays, sso today the girl and I are hitting the shops!!! :)

Polly said...

I love that your family works, because ours is similar and so many people find that so hard to understand.

Im so glad you could get the pic back because it looks fabulous.