Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have discovered...

When you make a discovery, you just want to share, right? Well I have discovered that licorice and a sweet cup of tea just DO NOT MIX. They are definitely not a match made in heaven. What a horrid taste. I rarely eat licorice and yet Mike decided to bring some home yesterday. I just munched on some and then took a sip of my tea.


Not good. Don't recommend it.

Funny old day today. The top of our state is copping it with rain again and yet we've only had a tad of rain here today, and it hasn't been hard, and up to today it's been hot. The world has gone crazy. Let's see, 2011 has brought to us in Australia floods in Queensland and beyond, floods in northern Victoria, bushfire in Gippsland, Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland, locusts are making their way across Victoria and now floods again in North East Victoria.

I said to Mike the other night there's a lesson to be learnt from all of this. Don't piss off a woman.

How so? he asked.

Well as I figure it, Mother Nature is surely pissed with us at the moment bringing her wrath on us like this.

The Garden

Now I do believe I have mentioned once or twice that I am semi - getting into this whole garden caper. Still not enjoying it by a long shot, but I am loving all the colour I have going. I have had a wee bit of a snail problem and much to my dismay have had to replace some plants. I got a great tip from the nursery man to sprinkle sawdust around the base of the plants. He even GAVE me a punnet of petunias he had on sale to get me to try it and if it worked remember him and come back and buy more. Great service that was! Of course I went back.

And it worked a treat. Sure there are some snails making the trek and crossing the sawdust, and might I add probably getting splinters in their bellies trying. But the great majority have given up. Perfect solution seeings we can't put down snail bait because of the menagerie.

But the evening of me first putting the sawdust down, the following photographs resulted. Too too funny seeing Mike out on snail patrol.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Planning dinner tonight, I have two delicious looking porterhouse steaks to cook, baked potato and sour cream and a yummy salad. Doesn't that sound good?


Cass said...

Oh, sorry Carol.... you and Mike can have all the licorice you want. I have never been able to handle the taste, with, or without tea!! You snail hunter photos are too funny, and my congrats on getting the great customer service - few and far between sometimes.

Margaret said...

Tonight's tea sounds yummy --- Eating licorice and an apple is very nice and it helps to get the licorice from your teeth. Loved your analogy.

Polly said...

Oh I can taste that combination and I agree yuk!