Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's cooled down

My daily weather report. Yesterday was a hottie. Today it's cool. And I'm sniffing and sneezing like there's no tomorrow, my nose has blown up like rudolphs, and my eyes are watering. This is when people catch the dreaded lurgy isn't it, with the quick change of weather. Actually it's lightly raining out there now too.

Here I am, my word for the year is simplify, and I'm blogging daily. Where does that fit into the equation? I tried to blog daily in December and wrote it off as a bad joke. Now I'm not trying and I am. Go figure.

Over at Designer Digitals I've been putting together the Saturday Scraplift for the blog over the last few weeks, with Lynn being on a well deserved break over the holiday season. I've been having fun scouring the gallery for just the right page for people to lift, it's been a lot of fun. This is the part of scrapping I find really enjoyable, the scraplifting. Seeing where a page starts and where it eventually ends, more often than not nothing like the original. I love the tangents that people go on. Lots of fun.

Here's a page I did for this week's Scraplift. I was very lucky, Trevor sent me a memory stick thingy with loads of photos he had scanned from mum. Yay, preserved forever! And I really went back on a walk through time looking at them. And realised a valuable lesson on the quest for the perfect photograph. I've come to the conclusion that every photograph is a perfect photograph, a gift to ourselves, preserving the moment forever. How lucky we are to be able to do that.

So whilst of course I, along with the rest of everyone taking photographs, will still try to compose the perfect shot, everyone looking at the same time, no antennas or street posts coming out of people's heads in the back drops, I won't be devastated if I get ordinary every day shots as well. Sure I have some rip roaring photos of my grandma, beautiful beautiful shots where she's looking as elegant and as posed as she could be. But this one spoke to me. All the memories in conjured up.


Credits Designer Digitals.

Now off to plan some sort of food for dinner, not that I feel like eating at the moment.


Lisa Beth said...

What a happy photo, and a wealth of wonderful memories it brought to you! A true lift. Thank you for sharing.

Lynne said...

I love the journalling alongside the photo. Thanks for sharing.