Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another week

Heck, this whole going back to work thing really cramps my blogging, huh? Another week has shot past with nary a post from me. Wednesday saw us celebrate Australia Day. Well celebrate may not be the right word, we hung about home all day and did absolutely nothing to celebrate it. Oh I did put up the flag on the flag pole but that's about it.

Wednesday actually we had some really bad news that dear dear friends of ours had been in a really bad car accident the night before, so all day our thoughts were consumed with that and awaiting further news from their son. I won't say too much more here, but suffice to say there will be a very long road of recovery ahead for them which breaks my heart.

On to other things.

A hot day forecast tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. Although I may get out the doggy pool and see if Lucky will have a flap around in it. Molly doesn't like getting her tush wet and won't sit in the water, funny girl she is. The heat really knocks her about and I'll admit now, us finally getting our air conditioner at the end of 2009 was not just for us, but also for her. Are we crack pots or what? Well we were going to get an AC anyway, we'd put it off a few times just not particularly wanting to look into the pros and cons of different models. But the summer we had early 2009 we just couldn't stand to go through again going into 2010 so that was the impetus we needed. Although not just for us but for the menagerie too, particularly our old girl. I just hate seeing her suffer through the heat.

Mike took some fun photographs of Molly and I on Christmas Day which of course ended up in a scrap page. I had just given her some new tennis balls as a Christmas present and she promptly rolled over on her back for a tummy rub. She's quite prone to this position!


Credits: Designer Digitals

Lucky, on the other hand, was off somewhere playing with his frisbee, which as of this weekend has been demolished, the middle had been chewed out like a donut. Oh well, it's lasted a month, that's not too bad!!!!


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Chocolate Cat said...

Planning 'bath' day for Jimmy today with the heat!!!! He has destroyed all his Christmas toys already, time to buy some new ones!