Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a hottie

It's a hottie here today. Mike decided to see what "the boys" (the gold detecting crew) were doing up north and went for a drive up there. He was back this afternoon feeling quite ill. Hmmm no doubt. He was wearing his flannel shirt still and hadn't drunk water at all. I asked if he'd had anything to drink. Errr coffee. Coffee isn't water my friend. He's now conked out on the couch. I would dare say he got a bit of heat stroke, but he says the 3 little bits of gold were worth it.

I did say you weren't out of the woods yet with Christmas pages. I have finally put the photographs from Christmas breakfast with the kids onto a double page. Lots of fun using Christmas goodies on pages I must admit, and I'm very spoilt for choice at Designer Digitals.

I have split the page in two with the journalling on the second, I always have so much to say on my pages. Which I think is a good thing. Better than in 50 years time someone getting a shoe box full of our photos and not knowing what was going on with them, right?



Credits Designer Digitals.


Polly said...

Carol it sounds like you had such a fun morning. I hope it is a new tradition for you all, it sounds the perfect way to start Christmas morning.

Margaret said...

Don't mind staying with the Christmas theme especially when you have arranged such a memorable event.

Lisa Beth said...

Wes photographs like his dad, all serious! Love your Christmas breakfast feast, sounds so delicious! (all except for that raspberry jam tho) You should do it again next year!