Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My last week of holidays

Then back to the grind stone. I am so loving being able to get up and have the day at my feet. That doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean.

Yesterday we went to the other side of Melbourne to a funeral, Mike's Uncle had passed away. It was so moving, but not for what you would expect. The immediate family members all had a yellow rose either in their hair, on their lapel, etc. Then in walks one of the sons with this huge german shepherd with a yellow rose on its collar. I didn't realize Mike's Uncle who I had met only twice had a german shepherd, a darling old huge one. He sat in the front row laying with his head on his paws in drop position throughout the whole service at the funeral chapel with the immediate family. It was amazing, he looked so sad, like he knew. It was like Greyfriars Bobby, if you haven't seen that movie, please do look it up, amazing.

When they played certain songs ('Unforgettable' was one) the dog’s ears pricked and kept pricking around, obviously a song that Mike's Uncle played a lot at home. Then at the end the curtain went around the coffin and the son let the dog stand up and the dog walked immediately over to the funeral director and nuzzled him, almost as if to say thank you. Stupid I know. But it was just amazing. And then he went to each family member, the three sons and their respective children, in the front two rows and nudged them all for a pat, like kind of solace. Crazy but true. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

So bravo to the funeral home to allow this to happen. This dog was Mike's Uncle's constant companion and one of the sons will take him in now. Which of course got me to talking to Mike on the way home (oh joy for Mike) "what will happen if we both die at the same time, what will happen to Molly and Lucky and Bo". Don't you just love these types of conversations with a captive audience.

And then with the horrible floods in Queensland it gets me to thinking, of course to the loss of life, but to the animals. And my thoughts go to if we were to be up there and having to scramble up onto a roof with the waters rising, how do you hang on to your dogs and cats.

As we watch the drama unfold in Queensland my thoughts go out to everyone.

So making me all melancholy tonight, it made me want to scrap Miss Bo Bo. I don't know how she does it, but 6am on the knocker she wakes me up. It's like she can tell time. And then even when we went onto daylight saving and wound the clocks forward, she still woke me up at 6am. How was that possible? Defies logic.

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Chocolate Cat said...

I had tears in my eyes reading about Mike's uncle's funeral, how moving. Must be a cat thing, I am woken every morning 15 minutes before the alarm goes off!!!

Jodie said...

Oh that moment with the dog is beautiful.

Lisa Beth said...

What a wonderful companion the Shepherd was to Mike's uncle. And such a tragedy unfolding with the floods - seems like just last year I was sending up prayers because of the wildfires and now the never-ending rains, I'm sending up prayers again. Glad you have Miss Bo The Alarm Clock to be your companion. :-)

esther_a said...

Here's a bit of an answer to your ponderings about QLD pets: RSPCA donations