Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well that was the week that was

Woosh, where did that week go? I went back to work on Monday, by mid-morning my 4 weeks off were but a memory. I'm now back into routine, actually it's not so bad. I get so out of routine while I'm on holidays. Now I'm back on the straight and narrow with my diet, with my time, and all that goes with it. Although my blog posting suffered! Can't win them all.

Last night saw us seeing one of Mike's all time idols in Melbourne. We went to see ... the man! Don't mind the crap photos from my phone camera, I would have taken my big girl camera but I was afraid to have it confiscated from the theatre.



He was sensational. We were in row 10, we were in for a treat! He was so sooooo funny. I've never seen Mike look so forward to a show (being that he doesn't do "live" shows so much). Being that Billy is from Glasgow and Mike is from Glasgow, I think that he thinks they are best friends. Go figure.

Unfortunately Mike was sitting in front of a man who laughed like a horse. Honestly it wasn't necessary, but even before Billy said anything the man started snorting and laughing. Now to be honest I didn't even hear this, perhaps a woman's way of tuning out and concentrating. But it was all Mike could hear, to the point he was listening for horsey laugh instead of the story on stage, so it really disappointed him that he wasn't able to concentrate on Billy. I wish he had said something to me as I would have swapped seats, but that's just like Mike to suffer in silence.

Having said that though, the thrill of seeing him up close was enough, he spoke, told yarns, told tales for 2 and a half hours non-stop, no interval. It was amazing and he had us rivetted.

Long live Billy Connolly. He's an absolute legend.


esther_a said...

Love your photos Carol! Mike is so good at joining in the fun. But I'm sorry that they allowed horses to buy tickets. Don't know what's going on there!

Polly said...

Fantastic photos Carol, it would have been a fabulous night.

amson said...

What great photos! Now this would have been a fun concert.