Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And so the year begins

I'm not quite ready to get myself back into a Project 365 frame of mind, and bearing in mind my word was SIMPLIFY for this year, that would probably be anything but if I were to do that. But I did want to commit to a project, one in which I would enjoy and help me again back on the road to taking more photographs, something I really enjoy.

So I'm jumping on the Project 52 bandwagon. I'm taking a photo a week, well actually probably still taking a photo a day, but picking my favourite for the week, heck it may even be the first one I take during the week, but the photo needs to speak to me and with a bit of luck make me smile.

Now for the twist. This is going to be 52 weeks of Wisdom, with a bit of help from Confucious. Front cover and Week 1 here for your viewing pleasure so you can see the theme I'm going with. I've made templates for the pages (see ... I am keeping in with my simplify word) and I hope you'll join me on my year long quest, keep me honest, keep me going, help me get to the finish line.



Credits Designer Digitals.

Oh and if you think the cover is an odd shape for my square book, it's been shaped ready for printing including the fold over wrap part for Shutterfly.


Calico said...

Happy New year Carol! Good luck on your p-52 and oh my...if a photo could speak a 1000 words, this would do it! Love it!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Well you are off to a good start! What a great photo of Molly, oh if only!!!!

esther_a said...

Gad! It looks like you've done it again!! Great photo and delightful choice of colors and elements.
(still churning through my post-vacation list of unread blog posts!)