Sunday, January 31, 2010

The outcome from the visit to the "V"

Still not saying that word out loud, because we have to go back on Tuesday. The growth on Molly's eyelid needs to come off, she could see that the root of it was growing down inside her eyelid and of course it was irritating her eye when it rubbed.

So think good thoughts will you all, she has to have anaesthetic and have a V shaped incision in her lower eyelid, cut the lump thingy out, and then her eyelid stitched up again. Plus wear a bucket collar thing on her neck for the next two weeks. I'm worried, I won't lie. Our old girl is probably about 10 now, we really don't know, probably nudging 11, we're not sure. But it has to be done.

One of my dear friends mentioned that "Molly will be fine and that her biggest worry is the embarrassing collar she'll be wearing afterwards and the shameful photos her Mum will take and scrap of her". That put a smile on my face.

So no scrap pages tonight. Just one of my most favourite photographs I've taken of my girl last year. I was wondering where the lump was when I just looked at this photo. Actually thinking back, I think when I processed this photo I photoshopped it out, so she looked her pretty self.



Lynne said...

Sending good wishes your way!

Calico said...

Oh, look at that sweet face. I will be keeping Molly (and you) in my thoughts!!!! She will do fine, dogs handle this kind of stuff better than we do. They don't worry about it ahead of time...they enjoy all the extra attention from the vet staff and she will be home recovering before you know it! Keep us posted! The hardest part for them is not being able to eat anything beforehand! My dogs always wondered why they weren't getting any breakfast, lol!