Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm all over the place

I'm all over the place at the moment, just finished revisiting the 365 book to complete it, it's away doing its important printing work at the moment, now the days will tick by until that familiar package from Shutterfly arrives! Now I'm back to my Christmas book, which will end up taking probably just about all of the month. Hopefully no one tires of Christmas ha!

Okay, hands up who in the southern hemisphere, namely Victoria, is sick of the weather? Me! It was painfully hot all weekend, so hot that you just couldn't do anything. Not the kind of enjoying being out and about weather, we bunkered down inside with the air con all day. It was like an oven outside. We were able to do some prep work on the house front while the sun was in the back in the morning, but then nothing after that. Same today, 43 degrees! (Thats 109F for my American friends).

The weather was oppressive and of course our air con at work stopped working, along with our elevator. Is that murphy's law or what? There's meant to be a bit of a cool change tomorrow, I do hope so, because we got a notice here at home that the power would be off all day as they are doing power line works near our house, so Mike will be stuck here with no fan or air conditioner. If it's cooler there might be painting done, so there could be an up side to all this.

Okay back to Christmas, my family this time, my two adorable nephews and my brother's family. Had to put the gum leaves in it for their celebration of an Aussie Christmas!



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Chocolate Cat said...

I am so over the weather!!!! Doesn't look like the cool change will come quickly enough today for me, this morning is still so opressive, almost wish I was working so I could be in the air conditioning!!!

Lynne said...

Due to be 40*C here in western Sydney today - don't envy the northern hemisphere tennis players adjusting to this climate!

Cute photos as usual.

Margaret said...

Now you could move back to Geelong I went to Torquay this morning for a swim surprisingly no one around on the beach .