Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Well it is a lazy Sunday after the day we had yesterday. Lazy today because it's windy with showers on and off all day, so no painting to be had. But there was both painting (me doing the verandah) and chimney knocking down yesterday. Yes, you read right. Mike knocked our chimney down, brick by brick. Well we have half a chimney at the moment and it's meant to be a feature. I think right now it just looks like half a chimney. I hope paint and some garden wall art will make a difference.

So back to why today is a lazy Sunday. We were sooooooo tired after yesterday's work, we ended up in bed at 10pm, yes on a Saturday night, woooo hoooo, we are live wires here. Fast asleep by 10.05pm I can tell you. But this morning Mike couldn't walk straight, I think all that time up on the ladder, kind of twisting around to the chimney, he's pulled a muscle in his thigh. Either that or he's been doing aerobics in his sleep and pulled a foofer valve in his dreams. But poor thing is walking very sadly at the moment and the aroma of deep heat is everywhere.

I'm still working on my Christmas pages to finish my book, but I want to delve back into my archives and post this page which shows my dad how I will always remember him, cuddling up to mum. We finally laid his ashes to rest on Friday, it was a very emotional day. Up until now he's been sitting in the wardrobe because we couldn't decide what to do with them and he'd never made any firm plans either way prior. But it was time. We love you dad and miss you more than you could ever know.


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Lynne said...

Oh, Carol, tears in my eyes as I read those last few lines. My dad passed away yesterday so they're very poignant.

Polly said...

Beautiful page Carol xx

Simply Vixen said...

soooooooooo many lovely pages, carol!
thanks for the eye candy!

hey, ya might wanna run over and grab this free crafty kit while it's still available (nice pinsNneedles, in there)

we just hafta catch up one of these days gf... let's do a cyberLunch when amanda gets back from holiday!

Big Hugs!
vixen :)

Lisa Beth said...

A heartfelt page, Carol. Your dad was a special man. {{Carol}}