Monday, January 25, 2010

In a race to the finish line...

It almost feels like that. I can't keep going with Christmas pages all year, I want to get this album done and dusted so I can move on to my next project. Which actually I've started ~~sheepishly looking away as I say that~~ so I need to get this wrapped up. So I'll catch you up on the pages to date. I promise, no more Christmas pages after January ends, you have my word on it!

We have been painting up a storm since I last blogged, the front of the house is about 3/4 done now. I'm about to go shopping for a new front door, what fun! We're also going to give our house a name, which I'll be looking into a name plate for it. Then there's the front porch to contend with. What do you do with a concrete front porch? Ideas gratefully received.

And might I say, I've not been slacking off, I've had paintbrush in hand too, although I don't like being up on the ladder too much. I'm accident prone at the best of times, so lets not tempt fate shall we.

I will also add how satisfying it feels to stand back and see the front slowly coming to life. I've lived here now nearly 6 years and Mike a few years before that prior to buying the house. But now that we're putting our own stamp on it, I truly feel like it's "ours" now. Not just the house that we are living in that sure, we bought, but I never felt truly like it was ours until now. Silly stuff, probably the paint fumes doing my head in!

Okay a catch up. The first page was a story that needed to be told in this Christmas book, ha! Poor Mike, he'll never live it down.


Not sure if you can read the journalling on the tag here, but yes, I did one year wrap up a bag of dried fish bit treats for Bo and put them under the tree, and yes she did find them before Christmas day, plus breaking into a few other presents on the way to the prize!


And oh how I love my dated decorations, I don't like the silly Star Wars or Barbie ones that Hallmark put out for Christmas too, they have to be actual Christmassy ones. Funny how cats and dogs feature quite prominently in the decos I've bought over the years.



Oh and only in Australia right? That's where you'd see giant sized blow up kangaroos pulling a sleigh!




Lynne said...

Lovely photos, as usual. Poor Mike, he didn't have a clue, did he?

esther_a said...

I suppose many people would paint their porch, but you could tile it. I suppose your house would originally have had a timber verandah?