Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to Christmas pages

In a sprint to the finish, I'm just about there with the Christmas book. I just keep thinking of other facets of our Christmas to scrap. Then I'm wrapping it up, sending it off to print. Once January is finished, that's it. Onto my next project which will be a fun one. Can't be telling what it is yet!

By the way, this shortbread recipe is really yummy, try it !



Credits here.

Don't you just love my Christmas mugs? Every year all the "every day" dishes get put away and I get out the pretty plates, the santa placemats, the bright red mugs and we use these throughout December. It just makes December that much more of a fun month I think. Besides, it's nice to use these pretties.

Well we've had a few okay days to paint and at 4.30 Mike has been calling it stumps for work and getting the paintbrush out. Half of the front has now had one coat. Just seeing the house starting to go from green to cream is wonderful, it looks so clean looking. And now that the afternoons lately have been overcast the cream and plum look completely different. I think we picked well. Photos will be forthcoming.

Off to bed, nighty night.


Lisa Beth said...

Can't wait to see the "new" house pics! :-) And I'll have to send Mary Grace that recipe, maybe she'll bake a batch for me! Very festive pages.

Lynne said...

Looking forward to seeing the house photos.

What a great idea to use the Christmas crockery! Our Christmas lunch is usually served on paper plates (with Christmas designs) to avoid the washing up!!