Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not letting the grass grow

No siree. No grass growing under Mike for sure. He's been painting each evening as I've gotten home from work. Along the guttering. I'm absolutely loving the plum colour, it looks different at different times of the day. We were planning to paint all weekend, but it's going to be a stinker, so I think that's off the agenda. All in good time right?

I took some photos yesterday when I got home, but now I must muse, do I do a scrapbook page of my husband's butt sitting up on the bull nose verandah, cause that's all I could see! ha.

I've been flat chat busy at work and have been exhausted each night as I've been coming home quite late. Hopefully it will ease off middle of next week. I don't like being a Manager, even in an acting role.

Now I will get back to the Christmas pages, because I do believe I'll be still making them all the way through January, I don't want to get that book printed before I know I've absolutely finished every facet of Christmas that I want to include.

However ... I am pleased to say I have finished my Project 365 book for 2009. Every page scrapped. Just waiting for a Shutterfly sale to get it printed. I'm so proud of myself, a photo every day for a year. Okay so there were a few days I may have missed, but a whole book on 2009 and our happenings throughout the year, all done. It was a huge undertaking, I honestly didn't think I'd finish, particularly as about half way through I fell behind, but I did a massive catch up and here I am on the other side.

I will go back to show you the pages you have missed seeing, but until then, the last page I scrapped was my introduction page, so here tis, with a rather hurried photograph I took in the bathroom mirror the other day while I was on my way to work! ha.


Credits here.

And with that, I'm off to dreamland! Thank heavens it's Friday tomorrow. That's all I can say.


Calico said...

Congratulations on finishing p-365!!!! What an accomplishment! Hunter and I finished, too and we are quite proud of oursleves. I'm just doing a p-52 this year and with a theme this time...close-ups only. If you would like to join me, I have a Flickr group started

Amandac said...

Carol I am so proud of what you have achieved and I am so inspired by you to make it through my own journey this year. I want to thank you for sharing this with me and I hope that I can be half as good as you have become at your photography!