Friday, January 29, 2010

End of the week

Well the working week anyway, then the real work starts on the weekend with the house painting. Hope for okay painting weather this weekend.

I think I've gone out in sympathy with Molly. She is going to the "V" word tomorrow, we don't like to say or type it out loud. She's had a pimply thing on her eyelid for quite a while now, but it will drop off and then grow and then drop off. The vet said it was something or other and if it's not worrying her, don't worry about it. But this time it's growing and not dropping off. It doesn't seem to worry her, but can you even imagine having something on your lower eyelid, always at the corner of your vision. So she's going in tomorrow to have it looked at and I'm thinking because of the position if they take it off or whatever, it will mean another appointment for anaesthetic.

So back to me, I've gone out in sympathy with her I think. Because I've got what I think is a sty forming on my lower eyelid. I can just see the start of it, and boy can I feel it. I must google it to see if that's what it possibly is.

Great news, I've sent my Christmas book away this morning to be printed. So now I'm waiting for two books to come back. My P365 and now this one.

So another big catch up for you. More things that makes our christmas "ours". I love playing Christmas music and absolutely adore Christmas books - anything about Christmas, whether it be a Christmas story, gift giving ideas, decoration making, cooking, if it's Christmas I want it! ha. And let's face it, who can go past James Morrison's Christmas CD, I have just about worn it out.



A small sample of some of the stockings I've made over the years, I absolutely love making them.


And well I thought being that this was a Christmas past present and FUTURE book, I better put something in about the future.



And is there more of a fitting last page?


Okay, cup of tea and then bed me thinks.


Amandac said...

Wowsers Carol these are fabulous! Thanks for the sneak peek - I am so impressed! You really are the Queen of Photobooks my friend!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your Christmas wishes for the future especially the ones by your furry friends and that last page is perfect!!! Hope the trip to the V went okay, we have one planned for Monday!

Margaret said...

Trying to read your post an watch/ listen to the cricket 2 for 0 Wow.

Anyway I think your books a beautiful

Lynne said...

What lovely memories those two books will bring.